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Star Trek Fic: Every Morning After the End of the World (The Disaster Recovery Remix)

Title: Every Morning After the End of the World (The Disaster Recovery Remix)
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Number One, J.M. Colt, Christopher Pike, Gaila, Phil Boyce, background Pike/Kirk
Summary: In the wake of the Narada Incident, Number One tries to prevent war from breaking out on the edge of the Neutral Zone, and Jennifer Colt tries to survive her assignment as Admiral Pike's new assistant.
Notes: A remix of Shining on the Quay by topaz119
Word Count: 7,000

Here it is, the story that fought me for every. single. word. I still don't know why. Because I haven't written Star Trek fic in forever? Because neither Jennifer Colt nor Christopher Pike have voices I can easily hear in my head? Because retelling this the original story from the perspective of minor characters required me to invent way more plot than I realized it would? Probably all of the above. Anyway, I'm reasonably happy with the fic, even though it was harder to write than I thought it would be. My recipient liked it, and so did some other people - which was a nice surprise, considering it's about very minor characters in a mostly dead fandom. I'll consider it a win.
Tags: !fic: star trek

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