Daredevil: karen hero

A meme

Tell me a few details about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you 1-3 sentences from it or about it.

What I should really do is finish the last two scenes of my Rare Pair story...

In other news, I keep opting out of LJ's mobile view, and it keeps switching me back. I am not prone to angst about changes to livejournal, but this is very irritating. I want my pretty colorful layout, and I want to see the titles on poeple's cut tags, thank you very much.
A story where Karen saves Matt?

I hate the new mobile view, too. I have to manually put in /friends on my url instead of clicking the friends button if I don't want to see the new mobile feed.
Matt's sitting in his office. It's past ten, the lights are out, and the door is closed; short of hanging a big KEEP OUT sign, he couldn't have made it more clear that he wants to be left alone. But staying out of other people's business has never been Karen's strong suit.

She pushes the door open quietly and says, "You are not alone in this world, and I'm getting pretty damn tired of you pretending that you are."
I don't even know where that's coming from cause it's not my thing usually, but... the Foggy/Marci Uni AU?
Heh, that's not really much of an AU, is it? I'd expect it unfolds rather similarly to their law school relationship, wherein he perhaps does not expect a hot blonde to be interested in him, and she is rather irritated at having to convince him otherwise. Probably she would insist that he cut the hair.