avengers: natasha rolling hating


be_compromised is running their annual promptathon! This year, any prompt involving Clint OR Natasha is welcome, so you can go the Clint/Natasha route, pair them up with other people, ask for genfic about one or both of them, whatever floats your boat in the post-Ultron age.

1. Put Clint and Natasha in your world (job/town/whatever that means)

2. Natasha's been leaving SOS's in whatever form she can on all her Red Room jobs. Clint finds them and realizes what he's been told about her isn't true.

3. Clint is always adopting strays, including Natasha herself. Nat doesn't really get it; she can barely admit she has a cat. And then she accidentally adopts a stray of her own.

4. Natasha has always been a cat person, but then she rescues a dog from a bad situation. She has no idea what to do with it. Cue Clint Barton, dog whisperer.

5. Clint is horrified to discover that Natasha has befriended every one of his ex-girlfriends.
Oh! I SO want to put Clint and Natasha into an Airline AU ... *ponders* I can totally see Natasha infiltrating a crew of Flight Attendants but can't think how to incorporate Clint. Any ideas? I doubt I'll get a chance to write it, but maybe!

And 2 NEEDS to be written! I want to read it desperately, but I am so not the woman for that job.

(Edited because I'm over-oh-my-goshing and it's annoying.)

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Clint could masquerade as a disruptive passenger. He could be that one guy who keeps getting up when the seatbelt sign is on, forcing Natasha to actually stand up and make him get back in his seat. The other passengers are all "who's that asshole?" when actually he's trying to spot the terrorist, and Natasha is talking to him about the mission.

Yes, you should totally write that! It would be AMAZING!

I am contemplating writing about them undercover as teachers, but that might be a little too self-indulgent, even for me...