avengers: pepper

Femme Remix is live!

I received a lovely present!

Less Is More (The Baby Steps Remix) is Pepper's POV on my story Less Is More, and Other Lessons in Healthy Relationships. If you know me at all, you know Tony/Pepper is one of my very few OTPs, so I was so excited to see one of my stories about them remixed. My author writes a beautiful Pepper who has just the right mix of warmth and exasperation, and the description of Tony's antics are hilarious!

My own Femme Remix story is doing better than I thought it would, given my choice of fandom and characters. My remixee left a very enthusiastic placeholder comment, and I received feedback from a couple other people. I was not actually expecting anyone other than my recipient to read it, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

I also need to give a shout out to a remix I received way back in Remix Madness. It was posted when I was in the thick of travel preparations, so I never got a chance to praise it here.

Five Stages of Grief (Never Mind the Albatross Remix) by Ghostcat is a remix of my story Five Stages of Grief. While my original is about Piz getting over Veronica, the remix is about Logan's love for Veronica. Logan/Veronica is also one of my very few OTPs, and Ghostcat is one of my favorite VMars authors, so I feel very privileged to be remixed by her. Her prose is exquisite, as is her characterization.
Hooray for FemmeRemix and for your story!

I love the one I received and I hope my recipient likes the one I wrote, but I have to confess, I wrote it mostly as what I would have done with the idea rather than aimed primarily at her tastes. (When the story of hers grabbed me it did with such a strong image I just followed it onwards. I

Oh, man, that is a great Tony/Pepper story. I loved it. I'm also glad your own remix is doing well; I know you've been worrying over it.