Best damn drabble fest in the 'verse

To reward myself for working so hard on my grant application, I made another set of drabble prompts for where_no_woman. This round is all quotes from Firefly and Serenity, but the prompts are understandable even if you're not familiar with that canon. You don't have to write a crossover, and you don't have to use the exact quote in your finished response. Please read, write, leave feedback, and pimp around. The challenge is here.
This is an absolutely nifty challenge, and it reminded me to pop by your journal and wave hi. *waves*
Thanks! I was agonizing over whether people would enjoy it or find it too obscure, but it seems that I was worrying for nothing :)
Oh wow, those prompts are so good.

Confession: I love your comm and what it's about, but I'm nervous to write for it because I'm bad at drabble-length and I don't feel like I have a sufficient handle on most of the characters involved. D:

(I'm writing a fic now with female characters, but it's girl!Kirk and girl!Cupcake, you know? They're entirely fanon creations. I worry that I'd do an awful job on these kickass characters.)
Don't be scared! The whole point of these drabble fests is to have fun! You don't have to write a whole story in a paragraph or anything - just a little vignette would suffice :)