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Veronica Mars Fic: Madison Sinclair, This Is Your Life (Backwards and In Technicolor)

I left for a three week trip the day of remix reveals, so I didn't get to share in the joy of posting my stories and finding out who'd written for me until today. This year, I wrote three stories, and this one was my main assignment.

Title: Madison Sinclair, This is Your Life (Backwards and In Technicolor)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Madison Sinclair, Lauren Sinclair
Summary: Life is full of stupid accidents. You get switched at birth and find out by mistake. You see a red light and hit the accelerator instead of slamming on the brakes.
Warnings: Character death
Word Count: 3,000

Querulous_gawks is one of my favorite VM writers, so as soon as I saw she'd signed up, I manipulated my offers to see if I could get her -- and I did! I first read her story Who Have Trespassed Against Us almost a year ago, and I remember thinking even then how much I'd like to remix it. The original story is about Mac and Lauren Sinclair meeting by chance on the day of Madison's funeral. I ended up rewriting it from Madison's POV, starting from the moment she gets hit by a car. It ended up being one of the most ambitious remixes I've ever written, because it has two timelines -- one of them goes backwards, as Madison's life literally flashes before her eyes. The other one is moving forward, as paramedics are trying to bring her back to life. From a technical perspective, it was really hard to write. It also cotains one of my favorite narrative challenges -- making an unlikeable character sympathetic. I really admired the way Querlous_Gawks made me feel for Madison in the first story, and I wanted to do justice to her in my remix too.