daredevil: claire

Dear Rare Pair Author

Hello, and thank you for agreeing to write a story for me! If you and I have matched on the weird ships I picked out, then we probably have a lot in common, so I hope you will not worry overmuch about pleasing me. This letter contains some general thoughts and prompts for the pairings I requested, and I also have a more general dear author letter with a lot of non-fandom specific scenarios that I enjoy.

Before we get started, here's a few things that I would prefer not to receive...
1. Anything at all involving pregnancy, childbirth, or children that do not exist in canon. I am infertile, so this is a huge no-go for me.
2. Rape, dub con, or non con of any flavor. I like my consent clear and enthusiastic, please!
3. PWP. With a few pairing-specific exceptions, I prefer sex scenes that advance plot or characterization somehow. While we're on the subject of sexy times, I should probably mention that I'm a pretty vanilla fan girl. A little bit of spanking or handcuffs is as kinky as I get.

- Law school back story: When Marci starts working on a project with Matt, Foggy assumes that yet another gorgeous woman is trying to get into his best friend's pants. The truth is, Marci's actually looking for a chance to get closer to Foggy. Bonus points if Marci is attracted to Foggy partly because he beat her on a test or in a practice case or something. (PS Law school is not an undergrad degree in the United States.)
- After season one: Marci's smart enough to know that Matt's up to something shady, and after her recent experience with Landman & Zack, she knows the price of ignoring a law partner who's up to no good. How does she address this issue with Foggy?
- After season one: Matt and Marci don't exactly get along, but they're going to have to learn how to tolerate each other for Foggy's sake.
- DNW: Marci depicted as some kind of evil bitch who broke her poor, perfect boyfriend's heart in law school. If you delve into their past failed relationship, I'd much rather see that both of them had/caused problems.

- Matt completely and totally respects Claire's decision not to move forward with their relationship. Every time he calls her for medical help, he's polite and almost professional. This drives Claire crazy.
- Matt and Claire are stuck somewhere (elevator? weird basement lair? your call, but I'd rather it not be too traumatic) with nothing to do but talk. It starts off with superficial banter but gradually becomes deeper.
- Claire back story of any kind. What's her family like? Why did she decide to become a nurse? It sounds like she had some bad relationships before. What happened?

Harry Potter
I just really, really love the idea of Narcissa having an affair with Severus. Maybe they're cheating right under Lucius' nose during the whole series. Maybe it starts during the war, when Draco is in danger and Lucius is in Azkaban. Narcissa trusts Snape (obviously, or she wouldn't come to him for help with Draco), and she views him as a soft place to fall. Snape can't express any of his personal doubts, but he takes silent comfort in her presence too.

I just saw this prompt on the sign-up form and thought it was a lovely idea. Tell me their history! Were they best friends at Hogwarts who gradually turned to something more? Did they get together after Augusta's husband died? Were they drawn together because they both suffered losses during the first war? Alternatively, I'd love to see some slices of their life as a bad ass lesbian witch couple in the historical era of your choice.

Andromeda has always struck me as an underexplored character. She's gone in a totally different direction from the rest of her family. What made her rebel? Was she close to her sisters as a child and then drifted away, or did she never fit in? Was Ted ever in physical danger from her family? Bonus points if she protects him and he doesn't even know about it. Or, if you want to explore a later era in her life, I'd love to know how she deals with fighting against her sisters. Does she have any contact with them at all? Does she try to persuade them to change their ways? Does she have to duel with one of them? It would be 100% okay with me if this ended up Andromeda-centric with Ted floating somewhere in the background.

Veronica Mars
This is one place where PWP would be completely okay with me. These two have so much UST I'd love to see them hooking up - in high school, at Hearst, on a lazy summer day, whatever floats your boat. If sexytimes don't interest you, I'd also love to see an AU of any of the events in season one if Veronica had wound up with Weevil instead of Logan. (I love LoVe too, but the alternative is fun to explore.) Whatever happens, I'd strongly prefer it to be pre-movie. Weevil seemed really in love with his wife in the movie, and I can't imagine he'd cheat on her with Veronica, or that Veronica would be okay with being the other woman.

I am so completley fascinated by this couple, and by Carrie. In season one, she's a complete and total bad ass. I mean, she faked a relationship with a teacher to get justice for her pregnant best friend. In that episode, she's described as an (almost) straight A student with Ivy League ambitions. How did that turn into a singing career? How did she and Logan meet up? What were the happy days of their relationship like, and how did they end? Logan seemed to really love her, and I'm dying to know about what qualities brought them together and why he stuck with her for so long. (It's worth mentioning here that although Carrie is obviously at fault with the cheating and drug abuse, I'd rather not see her as a villain. She fucked up, but she was also being blackmailed -- and maybe even raped -- by Stu Cobbler, and she didn't think she could turn to anyone for help.)