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Remix Madness and Other Writing Tasks

Remix Madness, the treat round of Remix Redux, is open for sign-ups! There are no minimum stories and no qualifying fandoms for Madness, so anyone and everyone can sign up. Signing up doesn't obligate you to write a remix for anyone else; you're just throwing your stories into the pot to be remixed. It's a really fun opportunity to see what other people do with your work. Have I mentioned before how much I love receiving remixes? HINT HINT HINT. I don't care what anyone does with my stories, or if their writing matches my usual reading preferences. It's just fun to see what people do.

Anyway, after reading what felt like a hundred stories, I finally found one I want to play with. It's hard to find something you feel like you can add to, you know? As remixes go, my idea is not complicated or ambitious, but I feel like that's okay for the treat round. Plus, I get to write from the POV of a character whose perceptions are interesting to explore.

I also picked out a story for FemmeRemix, and I'm cautiously optimistic that I have a workable idea to make it AU and explore gender roles in the process. I haven't started writing though. I want to finish my Remix Madness fic first, and I have one more scene to write for my next Marci Stahl fic. I'm determined to get it posted before I leave for my big trip on July 5, and I need to give myself time to edit since I wrote it out of order and the pieces don't fit anymore. After that's done and my other assignments are out of the way, I have a back log of desirable prompts from the Daredevil Kink Meme -- chief among them a request for an AU where Matt and Foggy are high school debate partners. I have no idea whether anyone but the OP wants to read something like that, but it's irresistable since vigilante justice was an actual high school debate topic a few years back, and I have all my notes on my computer at school.

What's in your writing docket? Did you sign up for Remix Madness? Are there any stories you hope someone will remix?
I did sign up, I do have a shortlist of hopefuls, and I expect none of that list to get hit. Nevertheless, someone put in a claim for mine, so yay, I'll be happy with whatever.