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Signing up for Femme Remix was pretty much a no-brainer because (a) I love women (b) I love remixing things...but I set myself a bigger challenge than I realized. See, my remixee (whose writing I love) also loves female characters, as one might infer from the demographic of this challenge. That means her stories are all ALREADY written from a female POV, and given the nature of the challenge, they have to STAY a female POV. There goes my usual remix strategy of first changing the POV. I always change other things about the story too, but it never feels remixed "enough" if I don't change the POV also, you know?

So these are my strategies...
1) Look for stories that have background pairings or background characters who are also ladies
2) Try and remix by changing the genre (aka fluff to horror story)
3) See if there's a way to turn something into a 5 things fic
4) See if there's a way to retell the story out of order
5) See if it's possible to do a "missing scenes" retelling that covers behind-the-scenes action in one of her longer stories

Is there anything else I'm not thinking of here?

I also sort of wish remix sign-ups included a space to point people toward stories that might be good for remixing. My recipient sure has a lot of stories to look through (yay! options!) but also, how will I ever be able to pick? Now I feel bad for my writer, who may be facing 86 Star Trek stories if that's what we matched on...
Wow, all of them are from a female POV, that's impressive! :-) So, like you said in #1, you can still change the POV to another woman, which I suppose is easier if she writes more femslash than het? Otherwise, background characters also work and might actually provide more difference with the other story. I don't have any concept to add to your list, since it's a remix and I suppose you can't go AU.
Yeah, most of her stories are female-focused het, which is great unless you wnat to change the POV. There's nothing in the rules against going AU, so I'm considering doing that...though more in a canon-divergent way than an alternate setting way.
Yeah, I have an embarrassment of riches to choose from with my remixee. Just picking a fic (or two) to remix will be a challenge.
Maybe they'll do a madness round like the main remix challenge, and then you could write a couple stories for your remixee :)
This is why I haven't done remixes - it's just hard to wrap my brain around how to retell an awesome fanfic without it coming across too much like a repeat. I can't wait to read them though - I'm always totally impressed with what people come up with!

Maybe you could merge two or more stories into one narrative? Or...once I did a remix where I took a story one character was telling another and wrote the fic in the universe of the story that was being told instead of in the universe the characters inhabited. (If that doesn't make sense, I apologize; I kind of confused myself writing that out...)

In any event, good luck!

I think merging two stories might be against the rules since the assignmetn is just to remix one story. I like the idea of retelling a story that's described within the body of the story. It sounds a little meta! The idea definitely wouldn't have occurred to me before, so thanks for pointing it out.
I've blended in multiple fics for the main Remix exchange in previous years, and in the Lotrips Remix and in the SPN Remix (back when I was with that fandom), so there's definite precedence. I think it's a matter of finding two fics that are similar in tone or plot and have the same pairing-slash-character(s).

But it can totally be done effectively.
*whispers* You can totally write it from a male character's POV so long as it still focuses on one or more female characters. (In fact, I would love to see some outsider POV-type stories where we get to hear how awesome these women are from their male compatriots.)
Good to know! Although I'm still not sure if I could do it and keep it in the spirit of the challenge -- when I change the POV character, it tends to shift the main conflict in the story as well, and I"m concerned that would end up taking the focus off the woman.

Just to clarify, gender swap is allowed so long as it's not the sole method by which we're making the story female-centric, right? Like, let's say the story is about Natasha Romanov, and she's going to be the protagonist no matter what...I could still include always-a-girl!Bruce if I wanted to, yes?
Only if always-a-girl!Bruce is a character in the original fic. (This is mostly bc not everyone is a fan of genderswap, so it's easier to ban it altogether. Though if you know the original author and their feelings on the subject are positive, we are probably not going to police it that heavily.)
I think that may be an area of the rules that could use some clarification. Not changing the characters' gender is only mentioned in the context of 'hey, don't pick an M/M story and genderswap everyone to claim it's about women.' I totally understand that, since the purpose of a female-centric challenge is to celebrate existing female characters, who are often overlooked. I do think it's tough to read that section of the rules and understand that genderswap is totally banned for any purpose.

(And not to make trouble, but I do think this issue could use revisiting for the next round of the exchange. When it's not a gift exchange, I don't understand the rationale of banning something because some people might not like it. My hope was take a het relationship and examine how it might have played out differently if it were a queer relationship, especially in a scenario where it's important for that relationship to have legal standing. That was, admittedly, an ambitious idea and I'm not sure I could have pulled it off, but I'm bummed that it's not an option to try.)
Other remix options include genre-change (like, make it a noir detective story, or turn it totally fluffy) or change the format (like tell the story all in texts and e-mails, or diary entries, or mission reports, or Tweets from a third-party observer, etc.). I'm pinch-hitting for the Remix Redux right now, so I am grasping at remix straws myself trying to meet the deadline.

ETA: Ha, you already said genre switch, poor reading skills are poor.

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Ooh! I like the idea of telling it in an alternative form of media, and my recipient has a couple stories that might work for. Thanks for the idea!