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Photo Meme Day 1 + Assorted Fannish Thoughts

qwentoozla asked for my bookshelf. Since I've been an ebook reader since 2010, I don't actually have many paper books anymore. I don't miss reading printed books at all, but I do miss having them around the house, if only to advertise that I'm someone who likes to read. Guidebooks are the only thing I still like reading in old fashioned paper form. All of these books have been traveling with me, except the South Pacific one. I'm going to get there someday, perhaps when I sell a kidney to pay for airfare.

I have a few spots left if you want to leave a prompt for a photo.

My husband and I finally saw Mad Max: Fury Road last night. We are very late to the party! I liked it but did not love it, which is about as warm as I ever feel about an action movie. I enjoyed the way the characters had their own vernacular that sounded a bit like A Clockwork Orange, and visually, it was stunning. That kept me engaged with the first hour of chase scenes, and then I got a little bored. I do think this is an intelligent example of how to reboot a film series with more female involvement. As much as I enjoy the remix/remake/reboot trend in film, continually remaking movies from eras when women and people of color were marginalized poses a problem: people tend to say, "oh of course there are not women/black people/etc. in this movie because there weren't any in the original!" as if diversity is somehow an insoluble problem. Fury Road demonstrates that this is not the case by putting a familiar character in the midst of a lot of awesome new lady characters, which is a step in the right direction, although I still have some complaints. While making our cast sexually diverse, why not make it racially diverse too, hm?

In the past six years of writing fanfic, I've always written stories in whatever order they came to mind. And honestly, that's probably not a big deal if you're writing stories that a maximum of 3,000 words/five scenes long. Lately, though, I've been writing longer stories and I'm starting to wonder if the whole "write in whatever order pleases you!" is the best approach. I looked through my year-end writing memes, and my answers for the easiest stories to write all had one thing in common: I wrote them in order, from beginning to end. The Marci story I posted last month is a good example: 13,000 words written in a week and edited in about two days. No major rewrites needed. The sequel to said Marci story, on the other hand, has been in progress for a month. It's close-ish to finished, except that I left the two most important scenes for last. I started writing with the middle of the story, then I went back and added the beginning, then I wrote more of the middle, then I wrote almost the end... And yikes, now I have a big editing job ahead of me when this is finally done. Some of that is probably because the sequel is more complicated -- this is a story about Marci figuring out that Matt is Daredevil, and trying to decide what to do about it -- but it can't be a coincidence that every long story I've written in order has been finished quickly, and every long story I've written out of order has taken weeks and months to complete.
I like the funny fuzzy little guy staring at us from above the books -- who's he?
I'm having similar thoughts re: writing out of order. It's what I've always done too and it moooostly works, except I basically stopped doing it for a recent fest fic and knocked out 32k in six weeks, which is WILDLY above my average.

I thought Mad Max was - if only relatively - a bit diverse amongst its heroes? Did I imagine a couple of the older women were Aborigine?