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Ask me any question about any of my stories/'verses/AU's, whether past or future or unwritten scenes and I will answer. This even includes the future of some verses that may potentially be spoilery. If you're really lucky, I'll give you a snippet.

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I'd love to hear your take on what Gaila's doing 20 years after the Battle of Vulcan.

(I guess I'm making an assumption that she survived--but actually even if she didn't, I'd still like to know, where is she? Does she continue to exist, and if so, how?)
Hm. I think Gaila had a successful career in Starfleet, but ultimately left it after a couple of postings. She saw so many of her friends die, grow bitter, or burn out, and she wants something better for herself. Anyway, she's always had a head for business, and taking orders from other people doesn't really suit her, so she starts her own little freight hauling line. She serves colonies too far out for traffic from regular shipping lines, so she's bringing goods to people who really need them, and she gets to fight the occasional battle to keep things interesting. Later, she'll probably bail Jim and the Enterprise out of some sort of trouble with pirates, and she might help smuggle out some refugees.
What was Sarek's reaction Amanda sending him a drink (in your writer's block drabbles)
He assumed that she didn't know much about Vulcan culture, so he came to explain that he does not consume alcohol, but some contact insisted on meeting here, so he's at a bar. And she's all, "well, do you eat?" and he says, "of course." She asks him out to dinner then, and at first he says no because he's waiting for this meeting, but the guy hasn't shown and she's intriguing, so he changes his mind. So begins an epic love story.