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Photo Meme

Several members of my flist are doing those question-a-day posting memes, and I'm enjoying reading them, but I don't think I can keep up with a daily writing assignment now. Thus, I propose an alternative. You pick a day and tell me something to take a picture of. Hopefully, this will help me get some photo practice before I leave on the big adventure in July. Anything subject is fair game, except my face.

June 12:
June 13: books or DVDs for qwentoozla
June 21: my backyard for azewewish
June 22: favorite historical place for nemophilist
June 23: favorite natural place for nemophilist
June 24: a childhood toy I still have and still love for alphaflyer
June 25: my favorite shirt for ragnarok_08
June 26: whatever is above me right now for orangerful
June 27:
June 28:
June 29: favorite fannish thing in the house for megan_moonlight
June 30: water outside for enkanowen
July 1: something that makes me think of Canada for alphaflyer
July 2:
July 3:
July 4:
June 20: take a picture of your favourite natural location
June 18: take a picture of your favourite historical location
These dates aren't actually on the list :)

I picked the 22nd and 23 for you instead. Is that okay?
June 24: A childhood toy you still have and love

July 1 (Canada Day): Something that makes you think of Canada

June 26 -- look up, take a photo of what's above you right now! (don't forget to tell us where you are and time of day)
June 29: Yor favourite fannish (action figure/comic book etc) thing in the house/apartment :)
What a fun idea! For June 28th, how about a picture of your favorite food item(s). Interpret this however you like -- a single thing, a nice little "still life" of several things, your favorite meal when you go out to eat (which would of course require going out to eat and ordering said meal, so you can take a picture of it...), whatever.