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Hey, Remix, I didn't see you standing over there...

Somehow I forgot (or never noticed) that I am out of town the entire week before remixes are due. That means I have to finish my story by Saturday. I just started writing last night, and I'm kinda bummed because I wanted the story to be awesome. I mean, I always do, but I extra special do this year because I successfully manipulated my sign-up to get one of my favorite authors. (And I'm 99% sure that I was the only possible match for her, so she's probably remixing me too.) The good news is that since I love her writing so much, I've already read all her stories and I knew exactly which one I want to remix. The bad news is that my idea entails rewriting the story backwards from the POV of a dead character. That is just a tad bit complicated to finish in a week, but I think if I do a scene a day, it'll be okay. Then I can edit in between the due date and reveals.

How are your remixes going?
I got mine, panicked about it a bit and then started it yesterday. It's actually turning out pretty alright. And once I've got someone else to read it who I can bounce some ideas off, I think it'll turn out pretty good. Plus, it's a character and pairing I've never tried, and slash, which I've also never written before and all in all it's turning out to be the fun writing challenge I sign up to Remix for. So that's nice. :D
I'm still stuck on my MCU AU fic, which is way longer than I'd expected it to be. But I do have some ideas for my Remix and I already know the fic I'm remixing, so that's something at least.
Oh man, I'm not doing the Remix but I'm doing AU Fest and I totally feel you. I realized my deadline is sneaking up on me and I really want to write a great amazing story for the prompts I got but now I'm worried I won't be able to give it the time it deserves. Argh. Good luck on yours, though!
I have a beginning and a middle written, first draft. I still need an ending. There's no plot but the story I'm remixing has no plot. None of this writers' fics have a plot. It's all feelings, all the time, which is not my favorite thing to write or remix. But I'm feeling relaxed about it.