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Seven Lines Meme

azeweish tagged me to pull seven lines from the seventh page of my latest WIP, and tag seven writers to do the same. Here you go, seven lines from the sequel to Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law


Foggy looks back and forth from Marci to Matt. "I can trust you two to place nicely together, right?"

"Define nice," Marci says, and Foggy grimaces.

"Do I have to give you two the speech again? I thought maybe you remembered it from law school? You know, the one about how you're both really important to me and it might be nice if you didn't try to verbally eviscerate each other every day?" Foggy asks.

"Every other day would be fine?" Marci asks hopefully. "Twenty-four hours off would really give me time to hone my ammunition."

"What happened to the two of you?" Foggy asks. "A month ago, you were going out for ice cream, and now you're like...well, I can't think of a metaphor. You're like two people who can't get along."

"It's a legal disagreement, Foggy," Matt says. "That's all."

Foggy looks back and forth between them again. "You two are really important to me. You know that, right?"


Not tagging anyone since I think my whole flist has been tagged already, but post your own excerpt if you have something to share.
Yaye sequel!!!!! And I am always here for Marci & Matt verbally sparring. :D
Hehe, I must admit that a good verbal fight between two people with a large vocubulary is one of my narrative kinks. :D