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Agents of SHIELD?

I quit watching when Skye got taken to that psuedo-Chinese Hogwarts-for-gifted-people place because nobody's characterization was working for me anymore, and every time I saw Coulson, I wanted to throw up in my mouth a little. I'm really not a fan of narratives that want us to believe any character has an uncomplicated heart of gold, especially not when said character has unacknowledged leadership deficiencies and wildly inconsistent characterization. I think I'd be happy to watch the Bobbi, Jemma, May, and Skye show (provided it didn't involve weird Chinese pseudo-Hogwarts), but not the Phil Coulson show, which I sometimes think is what Agents of SHIELD wants to give me.

So, if I was feeling that way midseason, is it worth finishing out? Do I need to watch all the remaining episodes, or maybe just the last couple?
I definitely think it's worth watching the rest of, if not the entire season then certainly for the last few, especially the two-hour finale. It was quite an intense, let me tell you. But everything else was good as well, and had some really great scenes, especially some of the action and fight sequences were well-done.

As for Coulson, I think I understand what you're saying in a sense. The show of course started out with us thinking this is his show with his team, and in essence it still is, but I think by this time it has become more or less a collaborative ensemble. I mean, I basically am watching it for the ladies so anything else I don't like I can tune out. As long as I have Skye, May, Bobbi, and Jemma I'm all good. :)
Seconding this, and also everyone who said if you're only going to watch one ep make it "Bahrain."
I have this really weird conundrum since I love (most of) the characters but hate what the show is doing with them at the moment. I think I'll probably download a few for long flights this summer.
I'm enjoying it, but from what you're saying, I'm not sure you will.

I think you won't make much sense of the last few episodes without the rest, though. I'd say either go for the whole thing or don't watch it at all.
I hated a lot of the finale, FWIW, and there really wasn't any improvement in the characterization. I have to sort of keep this separate Coulson in my head now, the Coulson that made me want a show about him, because the way they write him now is so weird. And I feel like they don't really understand the implications of a lot of what they're writing, like with Agent 13, and Cal and Jiaying, and I suspect you wouldn't be impressed.

I'm still here for the ladies, and Fitz and Mack, and the probably vain hope that Coulson might once again resemble the character I actually liked, but I also have a hard time letting go of shows, so. There are things I enjoy a good deal, but the things I don't I REALLY don't.

I do think it's much more of an ensemble than the Coulson show, and Skye easily gets as much focus as he does, but there is a lot of stuff that's irritating. Agreed with above poster that the last eps will make no sense unless you've watched the rest.
I agree with what you said about having two separate Coulsons in your head, and about the writers not understanding the implications of their storylines. I really liked Coulson in the films, but I don't think the show has a very nuanced version of him, I guess? I feel like they want me to think he has this uncomplicated heart of gold, but at the same time, they're not showing someone who behaves that way...

I think I'll probably watch the last few episodes on some of my long flights this summer, when I won't have much else to do...
There are a number of character inconsistencies in S2, but there's some May backstory you'd find interesting (I think the ep is called "Bahrain", and is half told in flashbacks). I found myself getting annoyed a bit about the focus on the "Inhumans" side of the story (I think once that movie comes out, I'll be ready to kill the lot of them) but as mortar that tries to bind bits of the evolving MCU together, it's interesting. The 2-hour finale is definitely worth watching, especially for Bobbi fans and people who think Ward has been woobified by certain elements of the fanbase. Also, the tie-in to AoU is pretty neat.

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It sounds like I do need to watch this Bahrain episode, at least. I'm thinking I'll probably download a few for some of my long flights this summer.
If you're a May fan, you have to watch 'Bahrain.' I think, based on what you say here, you'll find the rest of the season alternately frustrating and fun and frustrating could win out before you get to the finale (which was a pretty good two hours - a lot they can do with what they developed there).

It sounds like I do need to watch the Bahrain episode, at least. I'll probably download a few for long flights this summer.
I probably will end up watching it, maybe on some of my long flights this summer. Speaking of Agent Carter, I'm so pissed that half of it disappeared from Hulu before I got a chance to watch it! Maybe that's what I should download for my summer flights...
I'm right there with you. Someone else posted about how the show is SO GOOD...when it's not trying to make Skye the main character. And they keep trying to make her more interesting and she is just...not. I gave up around the same time as you, right before Ultron came out and have not compelled to go back...going to read the comments on this post to see if it is worth it. I only finished up last season because I ran out of other shows to watch.
I've slowly come around to Skye; it's Coulson who sets my teeth on edge. I think I probably will end up finishing it, but I only after I run out of other things I want to watch...
I would have to say that it's worth watching the finale, as it was so intense, but I can understand where you're coming from.
Actually, I wish there had been more Coulson, but I've always loved the character. Should you watch the episodes? Yes, absolutely. Things are not what they seem, and the finale is stunning. I could do with less Inhumans, but who knows what season three will bring?

Sadly, I can't help, since I stopped watching after finishing S1. I keep reading what happens, but seeing as I'm not a fan of Skye and I don't really like most of what happens, I still haven't decided if I'll be watchign S2.
I also found it quite shaky mid-season, but I wound up loving it by the end! The episode 'Melinda' (the one featuring the Bahrain flashbacks) was probably my favorite episode all season, which seems to be the consensus from your f-list! The pseudo-Hogwarts was weird-- but I ultimately enjoyed the twists involved with it. Personally, I LOVED it once the end-of-the-season arc started showing up. At least the last 3 eps, but pretty much everything after Melinda. It had it's meh moments, but I loved it!

tl;dr -- agreeing with the majority of folks here that you should definitely watch 'Melinda' and the 2-part finale, at the bare minimum. (I'd actually recommend you watch at least the last 3 so you get the build up.)
It sounds like Melinda's episode is a must-watch, and I'll see about the rest. I'll probably end up downloading a few for all my long flights this summer, but I think I'll keep giving priority to my Daredevil rewatch for now.