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Daredevil Fic: Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law

In news that will surprise no one, my first fic in a new fandom is 13,000 words about a minor female character and contains no porn even though it was written for the kink meme.

Title: Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Marci Stahl/Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock, Karen Page
Summary: Fisk's indictment is good news for everyone -- except the members of his legal team. When no one else will hire Marci, she's forced to take a job at Nelson & Murdock. To make matters worse, she's starting to develop actual feelings for her dorky, no-strings-attached friend with benefits, Foggy Nelson.
Word count: 13,600
Hehe. I don't even know the fandom but this was such a pleasure to read. Especially where Marci tries to talk to Karen about sex, how she notices that stuff about her, the part with the letter opener, this line ("They type away in companionable silence for awhile, except that Foggy keeps looking at her. She checks her cleavage automatically -- sometimes the girls get away from her -- but nope, nothing extra showing."), also Pilot pens ftw, Matt and the ice cream, the avocado when she's already taken, and of course the ending. ♥
Aw, thank you for reading this even when you didn't know the fandom! It's a Netflix series about a guy who's a social justice lawyer by day and a crime-fighting vigilante by night, and he's blind. I really, really like the show and it's worth checking out if you can. I have no idea whether Netflix is available in Germany though. Thank you again for the lovely comment!
Oh, I simply couldn't resist the summary of your story, knowing your knack for writing female characters I really wanted to read about this "Marci". :D

I've heard about Daredevil from tumblr, mostly the blindness and the vague Avengerish-connection, then found out it was only on Netflix. We do have Netflix in Germany, starting at 7,99 Euro per month with one free trial month, but the selection is supposedly severely limited compared to the US. Some Germans buy prepaid credit card numbers on the internet along with fake US addresses simply to set up a Netflix account with the US selection of films and series. Your summary sounds quite enticing. Now I really wonder if Daredevil is available in Germany. I want to see if anyone of my local friends has German Netflix and could check if they have it. Mayhaps I'll even sign up for the free trial month to check for myself, if noone I know can check for me. Something to do when I am back from my upcoming Barcelona trip and have the spoons to cancel properly in time if they don't... ;-)
Daredevil is a Netflix original show, so I'll bet it's available in Germany. I think the reason their selection is weird/limited in Europe is that they don't have international streaming rights to a lot of their stuff, but that wouldn't be a factor for things they've created on their own.

I think Daredevil is worth 7.99!