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Remix & Kink Meme Etiquette

Remix sign-ups are open and not nearly enough of my flist is playing. Like kellychambliss says, remix is like getting fanfic of your fanfic, plus you get all the wacky fun of making something new out of someone else's story. To be eligible, all you need are 5 stories of 500+ words or 7 stories of 100-499 words in a single fandom. All fandoms are eligible this year, although the mods ask that you do your very best to sign up in at least one fandom that another human being might have offered or requested. This year, I offered my Agents of SHIELD, MCU, Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Veronica Mars stories for remixing (though of course my remixer might choose to remix one of my other stories). I offered to remix in Buffy, Agents of SHIELD, Veronica Mars...and some long-shot fandoms that no one seems to have signed up for, like The 100 and Daredevil. I may change those later this week. We'll see.

And now for my kink meme question. Kink memes are foreign to a vanilla sex loving, gen fic writing fan girl such as myself, but the Daredevil Kink Meme is my new happiest place in fandom. There are so many genfic prompts! And so many het prompts that don't have to be porny! (And, yeah, a lot of slash prompts -- like everywhere else in fandom -- but even several of those say that friendship fic would be okay too). Anyway, I've never posted a fill on a kink meme prompt before, and now that my fill has exceeded 10,000 words, I'm not sure what to do with it. I mean, I'm obviously posting it on AO3, and I am 100% not willing to break it into however many dozen comment boxes are required to post something that long directly to the kink meme. Is it okay to post a link to the story on AO3, the way I would for a normal commentfic fest? Or is that rude because kink memes are supposed to be sekrit and anonymous? If I don't post it as a fill directly to the kink meme, do you think it's still okay to post it to their AO3 collection (which is not anonymous)? Both the prompt and the fill are totally non-porny if that makes a difference.
It's totally okay to repost your fill un-anon, especially if they have an AO3 collection. You don't have to mention that it was a kink meme fill if you don't want to, or you can link to the prompt you filled--I've seen people do it both ways. Idk about making the initial fill go direct to AO3...I don't think that's the most usual way to do it, but if it's super long and they have an AO3 collection it's probably fine. You could always pm the mod if you wanted to be sure.
I'm doing the Remix!!! It's my favorite challenge outside of Yuletide, bar none.

And the last Kink meme fill I posted, I just linked to my AO3 page, because it was, like, 6000 words, and it was fine. I mean, check with the mod, but I've totally seen people post fills like that. :) (And yaye for Daredevil friendship fic!!!)
I considered doing Remix, but in the end I don't think my writing skills are good enough to rewrite anyone's story. And since there's no guarantee I'll get pairings or characters I'm comfortable with writing, I'd get complicated for me.

I think it would be okay to ask the mod about the fill situation, since many memes have different rules for this kind of things.
I've seen people post direct, non-anonymous AO3 links on kinkmemes (ST:XI several times and also somewhere Marvel-ish that I don't remember exactly). I think it's great as that's easier to bookmark. I don't recall kinkmeme rules against that sort of thing - I think it's up to the prompt filler if they want to be anonymous or not.
I'm doing remix. XD So nervous about it though, lol.

As for the kink meme, in my experience it's perfectly acceptable to post a link to your fill in a comment in reply to the prompt. I always saw the anon aspect more as a way to protect people who don't want their names attached when kinking or to stretch your limits under the guise of that grey bag, not as a set rule. Unless it's one of those kink meme events that explicitly states everything has to be anon for the duration and can only be claimed after a time period of x, which ongoing kink memes usually aren't, I think it's perfectly okay to post under your username if ~you're okay with that.
Remix is one of those things I just can't wrap my head around for some reason. I enjoy reading the fics that come out of it, I just don't know that I'd do a good job with one myself. Plus with MCU AU exchange, Not Primetime, and Het Big Bang, I've definitely pushed the limits of just how many things I can be signed up for at once LOL.
re: kink meme fill -- I once posted a long fill anon, and once was enough. Holy cow, what a pain. I go straight to AO3 now.
I just signed up! I'm super nervous now, haha. I might edit mine though too, I said I'd write for the 100 but it doesn't look like anyone's offered their 100 fic, I know I haven't written enough stories yet for it to qualify so maybe others are in the same boat? Some smaller fandoms I wasn't expecting to see have popped up so I might change mine to include those instead. I'm also going to be on vacation out of the country when the stories are revealed so hopefully whoever gets me won't be offended if I can't comment right away!