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Daredevil prompts

1. Matt, Stick was an asshole
2. Socioeconomic differences -- Foggy grew up in Hell's Kitchen too, but his background was still very different from Matt's. Not only did he have a family, he had access to stuff that Matt never did, either because his dad couldn't afford it or it wasn't a priority at an orphanage. Foggy is (secretly) horrified at things Matt missed out on and (secretly) tries to make up for them.
3. So, Bucky has decided to turn himself in to the Justice, but without lawyers to defend him he's likely going to lose and be sentenced high treason (punished by death or life imprisonment). Knowing is almost an impossible case, many lawyers have declined to defend him, but when everything seems lost, Steve finds Matt and Foggy, who are, as always, willing to see justice done.
4. The first person to buy Matt an ice cream cone after his father died was Stick. The second was Foggy. Foggy doesn't think anything about it, and he has no idea why Matt is so touched.
5. When Matt wakes up in 1x10, Foggy says that Claire didn't talk much while she was stitching him up, but they must have exchanged some words. What did they talk about? What did they think of each other?
6. Foggy is canonically great in bed, and Marci is canonically, understandably enthused. I'd love her POV progression from "Foggy Bear=convenient source of orgasms and amusing commentary" to "help help the dorky FWB gave me feeeelings"
Ooh!! All of those sound GREAT. *googles Daredevil kink meme*
Oh my god, I want literally ALL OF THESE. (Especially the Marci POV, because I love me some Marci, and no one is writing her!) ALSO COURTROOM DRAMA STARRING BUCKY, PLEASE.

Btw, I think I might have found something that scratches the Foggy & Claire scene fill itch? http://archiveofourown.org/works/3765094
I started the Marci POV last week. 9400 words and counting...

Thanks for the link! I'm bookmarking it for whenever I get the Marci story done...