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The most wonderful time of year

Remix is coming! Remix is coming! It's my favorite time of the fannish year! If you're not familiar with remix, it gives you all the unpredictable joy of a fic exchange with none of the pressure to please a recipient. Instead, you just get to rewrite someone else's story, however you want to do it. You can make it about zombies, you can update it with new canon, you can retell it from the perspective of a minor character, or (my personal favorite) turn it into a story about awesome empowered ladies. In exchange, you offer your own stories for someone else to remix. The payoff is getting to see the crazy new creation someone made from your original story. This year, there are no qualifying fandoms. To sign up, you need to have written EITHER 5 stories of 500+ words in at least one fandom OR seven stories of 100-499 words in at least one fandom.

I just finished watching Daredevil tonight. I have thoughts. I have a lot of thoughts actually -- 3,000 words of meta and 2,000 words of fic since Sunday night. In hindsight, I shouldn't have written either of those things before actually finishing the series. I've got a lot of revision ahead of me befoer I can actually post any of it. You can leave me prompts if you want to. My brain is on fire.

I also have Agents of Ultron tickets for Thursday night. Are midnight premieres not a thing anymore? On the one hand, I'm getting too old to stay up watching movies till two, and also I have a job. On the other hand, midnight premieres were really fun.
between you and tielan, you are going to kill me with these fic fest temptations...

I'm glad the Thursday preview I'm going to is at 7, so I can bring my Kidlet. She still hasn't forgiven me for seeing Cap2 two weeks before her, on a fly-by through the UK.
Hm. Now, time to consider: do I want to do general Remix again, or just wait for the Femme Remix...
Are midnight premieres not a thing anymore? On the one hand, I'm getting too old to stay up watching movies till two, and also I have a job. On the other hand, midnight premieres were really fun.

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure myself. It happened with me and The Hobbit movies; I went to the midnight premiere for the second one, but the third one had like multiple premiere hours before the supposed midnight showing (and there was a exclusive screening of it a day or so before), which wasn't the deal when we pre-ordered the tickets. I don't know whether it's location-wise, the common courtesy of those who are working the next day, new theater regulations or what, but I agree that it's strange. Midnight premieres were like the most exciting thing ever. Aside from The Hobbit movies I've only ever done midnight releases with Harry Potter (both the movies and the books) and it was always an event. Nowadays it seems to be becoming less of an event, which sucks. Perhaps there isn't enough hype surrounding certain franchises anymore that is deserving of midnight showings. Again, idk.
Yeah, I think the 8pm preview screenings have replaced the midnight screenings, for better or worse. :/ I still miss the midnight ones, although my sleep schedule does not.

And yaye remix!!! It is my VERY favorite fic exchange after Yuletide. I just wish the MCU had one all of its own, like Lotrips used to.
\o/ Yay for Remix! I definitely am not up for the challenge this year, but I'm excited for you!

I have tickets for a Friday matinee with my sister. I'm VERY excited to get out of the house sans baby. I haven't been to a movie in almost a year! (And was super bummed to miss Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen, but an action movie like that paired with the severe bouts of vertigo I had last summer-- not a good combo!) I am so so so excited to see this one! And honestly, I'm with you on midnight showings. They were super fun and I LOVED going to them, but I'm kinda over it. I don't like staying up that late anyway. My favorite way to swing it (which you normally couldn't do-- but maybe in summer!) is to go to a matinee on opening day. Cheaper, fewer people, and I'm actually awake! Enjoy! I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
Ooooh, Remix time is coming around again? I had forgotten but now I am much looking forward to it. As a reader, it is so fascinating, getting to read two different sides to the same story... :-)
Oh, I'm tempted. Having such a crappy writing year though, I'm not sure if it's a good idea... I will say though, I've written two remixes (one as a pinch hit), not for this challenge though, and I found the process utterly terrifying because I didn't want the original author to feel like I'd massacred their story. So maybe there isn't any inherent pressure, but I definitely put pressure on myself!