igrockspock (igrockspock) wrote,

Star Trek Fic: Sisterhood & Survival 101 (Gaila, Uhura)

Yesterday orangerful posted a meme about looking back on your old journal entries from six months ago, a year ago, and five years ago. April 2010 was a few weeks shy of my first fandom-versary, so I decided to take a peek...and exactly five years ago today, I posted a completely finished Gaila & Uhura friendship fic in a private entry because apparently I decided I hated it. Now I think you like it, so here, have some vintage Gaila fic!

Title: Sisterhood & Survival 101
Rating: G
Characters: Gaila, Uhura
Summary: Uhura fails a simulation at the Academy, and Gaila's there for her. After all, what are sisters for?
Word count: 2,000
Tags: !fic: star trek

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