spock: logic is sexy


I am in my tornado closet. It's cramped and hot and I'm rather bored. Also kind of stressed out. Entertain me with comments please?

ETA: out of tornado closet. House being attacked by giant hail or large angry beast. Power out. Entertainment still welcome.

ETA: and back into the closet I go.

ETA: Out again. Watching the rain fall in the dark.
I adore your user name and sometimes wonder if you'll post Spock meta or whether that train's gone.

What kind of comment would most entertain you? Fic? Pictures? Links? Random thoughts on [insert topic here]?
I think the Spock ship has probably sailed, at least for now. He's one of my favorite characters and honestly, a formative influence on my life, but I don't have many new thoughts about him now. Maybe when the next Star Trek movie comes out.
No worries! It was my fault. It's pretty hard on the mobile app to tell if you're replying to an individual comment or the whole thread, and I screwed it up.
Yes, apparently there were three tornadoes on the ground last night. The weather's finally cleared up, but the wind is still howling this morning, and school is cancelled because the power's out.
It was pretty soothing after the whole weather ordeal. I've never actually had to get in the tornado closet before!
EEP! So glad you're okay. The worst is over then? I am so sleep deprived its bordering on unsafe so my entertainment is limited. Watched the Storyteller ep of Buffy today. Season 7 where Andrew is videotaping. Some great moments.

I want to buy cabbage because of you! But getting to grocery store is daunting. Instead we had lasagna tonight (one we made and froze in 3 parts back in Dec.) and I set out stuff for chili tomorrow. I still have tomatoes, sweet corn, and bags of bell pepper, hot peppers, and onion in my freezer. So glad I prepped last year!

I am going out for sushi on Friday! yay! It has been too long.

Yes, the worst is over now! I woke up to sunshine, though the wind is still howling, and school is cancelled because the power's out. Thank you for the comment and all the entertaining links! The John Cho one led me to "what if Michelle Obama was your girlfriend," which was even better. Good luck obtaining your cabbage!
May I suggest boredpanda.com?

And crap, that sounds like one hell of a night you're having. I hope the storm passes soon.
Excellent suggestion! It stormed most of the night, but now the sun is shining, even if the wind is still howling.
A friend of mine got stuck in Tulsa due to tornadoes. We g-chatted for an hour while she was sipping a very fine consolation wine. Which ticked me off, because I'm having knee surgery on Friday and haven't been allowed to drink all week. :-(

(How's that for random free association ...)
It sounds like her evening was better than mine! I had no wine and I was crouched under the bottom shelf of the bathroom closet.

Best wishes for your surgery tomorrow!
Today a professional cleaned my apartment for the first time and it's like MAGIC HAPPENED IN MY LIVING SPACE.

Also the cat was being grumpy about eating her wet food, but she very nearly cleaned her dish today.

I hope your weather has calmed down and you are out of the closet!
Wow. That does sound magical!

And yes, I am out of the closet for good (hee hee!) It stormed most of the night, but luckily, the violent part passed after an hour or so.
I am currently reminding myself to be immensely grateful I live in a country where a tornado closet is not a necessity. Stay safe!

That said, the way British people flap over weather I wouldn't be surprised if some people don't have a 'fairly heavy downpour' emergency shelter, or a 'damn, it's miserable out there' cupboard under the stairs, or even a 'shit, we have two centimetres of snow' bunker.
I've lived here most of my life and never gotten in the tornado closet before. When the TV signal went out, I had to though - no way to tell why the sirens were going off, or whether something was coming in my direction. I'm sure in a few days, it will sound like a marvelous adventure...
I'm glad you're out of the closet now ;) I grew up in the midwest and am very familiar with the midnight closet trip phenomenon!