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Recs: Agents of SHIELD, MCU, Star Trek, and Veronica Mars

Agents of SHIELD
Swim Through The Sand (2698 words) by geckoholic - Trip/Skye
Trip is dead, and Skye is (maybe) pregnant. A plausible, not-to-angsty look at the pregnancy scare situation that so many of us ladies have faced, and a nice look at the way Skye processes her ambiguous feelings about the situation.

Whistle Stop (3843 words) by AlphaFlyer - Clint Barton, Udonta
Clint and Udonta have an adorable, witty standoff about infinity stones and bond over their shared love of arrows. I wish this were canon.

Star Trek
Having, Wanting (939 words) by Doyle - Spock Prime, T'Pring
In the wake of Vulcan's destruction, Spock Prime meets T'Pring. A short, sweet glimpse at Vulcan culture and how two unemotional people might bring comfort to each other.

Veronica Mars
Those "Not Real" Things (5477 words) by Firefly_Ca - Veronica, Dick, Madison, Logan, Beaver, Meg
A really creepy look at how rape culture shaped the events of Shelly Pomeroy's party. What makes this story so effective is the way it narrates completely from the POV of the characters who enabled Veronica's rape to happen, from entitled guys to slut-shaming girls and sympathetic bystanders who ultimately did nothing. Their rationalizations are what makes the story such an effective expose of rape culture, but be aware that the material may be triggering for some.

The Rotten Ones (10144 words) by Ghostcat - Veronica/Piz
A really nice slice-of-life showing Piz's POV on his relationship with Veronica in New York. This is part of a larger series, which I haven't read, but it stands well on its own.

The Aching Land (1226 words) by fluffernutter8 - Eli Navarro/Jade Navarro
A short, sharp glimpse of Weevil and Jade after the movie, and what it means to be a person of color in Neptune.
Thanks for the rec! Yeah, I wish it was canon too -- and it may yet be (maybe not quite this way, but ... Because the way the timing works out, when Avengers: Infinity War rolls around, the Guardians should be ready to join in the fun. And Yondu and Clint are a match made in ... some primordial galactic soup, I'm sure.