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The 100 season finale reaction post

I need some icons for this show. Where do LJ icons even live these days?

-My favorite moment in the whole show might have been Thelonius telling Murphy that he saved him because he would row.

-I liked the ending a lot. I'm going to talk more about why I think Clarke was right to do what she did, but I like that she didn't partake in the happy ending that everyone else did. It fits her character well, and I'm always overjoyed when a female character lives out a typically male storyline -- in this case, going off to brood over morally ambiguous decisions. (Much like Angel. Someone should write a crossover. Do you think vampires could survive the nuclear apocalypse?) It occurs to me that ladies rarely get angst and brooding because ladies rarely get to be the decision makers. They usually end up comforting all the male decision makers whose souls are sexily tormented by guilt over their decisions.

Mmmm...delicious ethical dilemmas... I am really going to write an essay about the moral justification for irradiating all the mountain men beacuse that's the kind of nerd Vulcan I am.

1. The Mountain Men completely and totally started this war. Peaceful solutions were offered several times. Jasper was willing to donate marrow and was slowly convincing others to do the same. Clarke attempted to negotiate for her people's release. Kane offered to donate marrow. Furthermore, bone marrow is a renewable resource. Presumably, if Cage had just been a little more patient, everyone could have received the marrow donations in time. If an individual donor can only give a finite quantity of marrow, it's likely that the recipients' marrow could have been used to develop a new therapy. Ultimately, Cage manufactured a survival situation and used it to justify the slow, torturous death of forty-eight innocent teens.

2. When you violate someone else's rights, your own rights are forfeit. This is a basic tenet of all ends- and means-based moral philosophy. In this case, the government of the Mountain Men severely violated the forty-eight's rights to life and liberty. In an ideal world, this would have been punished through jail time after a fair trial, but in an emergency situation, those things are not available. Once you start killing people, you accept the risk that someone will kill you in self-defense.

3. No one is truly innocent. While it was the government that chose to kill teenagers for their bone marrow, the vast majority of the Mountain Men were complicit in this act. One, they have voluntarily accepted a system of "harvesting" Grounders for their blood; two, they do not protest their government's treatment of the forty-eight. At this point, they are a very definite part of the threat. A small number of innocents -- children and people who helped the forty-eight -- exist, however, their lives do not outweigh the lives of the forty-eight.

4. Leaders have a greater obligation to their own people than to others. Clarke is faced with a dilemma: she can save the lives of innocent Mountain Men, or she can save her own people. In this case, the ethical duty lies with her own people. Those people made sacrifices to follow her. They entrusted her with their protection, and in exchange, she received their loyalty. What's more, if Clarke backs down, they're going to be tortured to death. If Clarke had started the war, the situation would be very different. However, collateral damage is a morally acceptable price to save one's own people from an enemy who kidnapped them and plans to kill them.

Please link me to your reaction posts? I didn't get to read any of them since I couldn't watch the finale on time, and I sadly did not bookmark them.
I need some icons for this show. Where do LJ icons even live these days?

You can try _fandom_icons_ which does have quite a few entries in the tags. That's the only place I know for certainty does have quite a few people posting their icons from different fandoms. I'm sure there are other ones out there that I'm not aware of. But I do miss the days when icon-making was a huge part of the fandom community here, nowadays it's basically rare to find anyone making anything from the newer fandoms, much less finding where they post them, etc.
For icons, I use: cw_the100, photocons, takenote_icons :)

I completely agree about Clarke going off to have time to reflect. I FUCKING LOVE CLARKE. And I don't think anyone in the show is all good or all bad and it's all morally ambiguous, and I'm really pleased with the way it's being done.

Great analysis! And the Mountain Men were completely at fault. Clarke and the Sky People gave them so many options and they just wanted destruction.

My post was here, although it's not long! XD
Thank you for the icon comms!

I love Clarke too. I think you're absolutely right about how nothing is good or bad and it's all just in between. I wouldn't mind if we got a few lighter episodes next season though. I kind of miss the emphasis on interpersonal relationships in season one. Not necessarily all the hooking up, just the friendships would be nice.
Yes, the Monutain Men are completely at fault there - you are right about that.
Yeah, it's really unfortunate that Cage staged his little coup. I feel like the situation would have turned out very differently with Dante in charge.
Sadly I have nothing to add about the show because I haven't seen The 100 (I hear good things, though!). As far as where LJ icons live, though, I can help! They actually seem to be one of the things that haven't moved off to a different platform, but you have to know where to look. boxedcolors is a multi-maker comm with lots of great icons, and I know inawhirl_icons makes The 100 icons. Hope that helps!
Thank you very much for the links! I spent yesterday morning updating my icon collection, and it's quite a relief to have some new ones.