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Shipping meme

Stolen from evewithanapple

Six ships you're into right now
1. Spock/Uhura
2. Gaila/Sulu
3. McCoy/Uhura
4. Chapel/McCoy
5. Number One/Pike
6. Gaila/Uhura

Three ships you liked, but don’t like anymore
7. Buffy/Spike
8. Harry/Ginny
9. James/Lily

Four ships you never liked
10. Kirk/Spock
11. Kirk/McCoy
12. Chekov/McCoy
13. Chekov/Gaila

Two ships you're curious about, but don’t actually ship
14. Kirk/Chapel
15. Kirk/Rand

Why do you dislike #11 so much?
Because I ship their friendship. Close friendships are so rich and nuanced, and those complexities are so rarely explored in fandom, particularly between men. I think Kirk and McCoy's BFFness is so clearly established in canon, and it's beautiful. Something about a best friendship is so mellow, stable, and enduring. I want both of them to have that because Jim's never had anyone he can depend on before and McCoy needs someone to take care of, but I don't think he wants to care for someone romantically after the divorce. (Also, I sometimes imagine that Jocelyn cheated on McCoy with his best friend, so McCoy desperately needs a replacement friend after losing his BFF and wife in one go.) Anyway, both of them need the kind of relationship that really does last forever instead of the kind where you say till death do us part and then break up a few years later.

Who is someone you know that ships #14?
Kirk/Chapel? Uh, no one? I've seen some neat fics about it, that's all.

What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?
Probably a couple fun hook-ups at the academy. I enjoy the thought of McCoy getting the better of Kirk once in awhile. Also, I don't think that McCoy and Uhura are prone to casual sex, and I think they would appreciate that about each other. And even sexually repressed/uptight/too-busy-studying people need to have orgasms once in awhile.

Which is your favorite moment for couple #1?

How long have you been following couple #6?
Off and on since I joined this fandom. I don't really think of them as a couple though; just friends enjoying the substantial benefits of Gaila's openness and Uhura's talented tongue.

What's the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring?
It was just so predictable. I like Ginny and Harry individually, but I would have liked them to make more adventurous romantic choices.

You have the power to make one ship non existent. Choose from #10 or #12.
Kirk/Spock. I honestly have no idea what Spock would possibly see in Kirk as a romantic or sexual partner. Also, I have never actually seen a fic featuring Gaila/Chekov. That was just a random ship I wrote down to finish off the list.

Which ship do you prefer #2 or #4?
Gaila/Sulu. I realize that there is no canonical basis for my Gaila, but I feel like I know her, and I'm intrigued by who she might choose to be with and what their relationship would be like. My interest in McCoy/Chapel extends no further than porn.

What interests you about #15?
I think Rand is a nice compromise between an unattainable woman like Uhura and the bimbos Kirk probably fucked at the Academy. I think Kirk liked Uhura because she was smart and witty and clearly capable of kicking ass on numerous levels, but Kirk is just not Uhura's type. Rand is equally funny and kick ass, with the added bonus that she's the kind of woman who'd be attracted to Jim.

Why did you stop liking #7?
Because Spike is not Angel.

Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show?
Nah, they were just back story anyway.

What’s a song that reminds you of #5?
Hell if I know.

If you could have any of these two pairings double-date, who would it be?
It's hard for me to believe that Uhura would be so cruel as to drag Spock out on a double date with Gaila and Sulu, but I'd really like to read about the awkwardness that would ensue.

Have #2 kissed yet?
Gaila and Sulu? Only in my personal canon.

Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?
McCoy and Chapel haven't even had a canonical beginning yet, so predicting an ending is hard. I could see it going both ways. McCoy might just inherently suck at relationships because he lets his own fears get in the way, or he could have grown up since his divorce and be more prepared for a mature, sustainable relationship.

What would make you start shipping #14?
I would probably need more Kirk/Chapel fic.

If only one could happen, which would you prefer, #2 or #6?
The Gaila/Sulu relationship is much more interesting than Gaila/Uhura going down on each other once in awhile. Gaila/Uhura is the bigger turn on, but Gaila/Sulu has the potential for much more emotional resonance.

You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?
Kirk thinks that he and Spock are not very close, which makes him feel slightly rejected (thought he won't admit it) and very frustrated (because it's important to him to get to know everyone on his crew). Ultimately, though, Kirk will realize that friendship with a Vulcan is different from friendship with a human, and he'll accept that Spock is actually trusting him with a lot that he wouldn't trust anyone else with. Forming that friendship will probably take some time and have a lot of setbacks, but at the end, I imagine there will be some understated but moving moment a la "I have been and ever shall be your friend."

Which do you dislike the most?

Which of these ships do you love the most?
Number One/Pike. They love each other so much and the sex is so, so hot.
Re: #11

I am a gen person. I don't ship anyone ever, not since Maddie and David in Moonlighting went south, so I have no stake in Kirk/McCoy, but in my experience, sometimes the relationship where you say 'till death do us part is the one that lasts forever.

That being said, I agree with this statement 100%: "Because I ship their friendship. Close friendships are so rich and nuanced, and those complexities are so rarely explored in fandom, particularly between men."

There can never be too much gen fic in a fandom. I enjoy reading Kirk&McCoy and Kirk&Spock. I love reading Gaila&Uhura, too.
This was really interesting to read! Nice to know your pairing preferences, and I think I might be snagging this later (once I forget which questions ask what, so my answer list won't be skewed subconsciously, lols). And lols, your innuendos in number six are awesome.
Kirk/Rand is going to be the way forward, je pense. In a never-happening unattainable-hello-captain-and-yeoman kind of way...
I think you're right! But sometimes I like to imagine it could happen because it makes me so sad to think that Jim has to be alone unless he's willing to give up the Enterprise. Most likely it wouldn't, but maybe Rand could remind him that she's so good at her job that there's no risk of him bullshitting an evaluation just because they're doing it, and they'd keep it all secret and stuff... Or maybe she could just jump in his lap one day...
Or maybe she could just jump in his lap one day...

And he'd be all stupidly noble because he's the Captain and it's totally not fair on her, but inside he'd be all "WTF?! She's hot! She wants me! How did I get myself to a place where I'd be turning that down! I blame Pike..." and underneath that he'd be "Down boy, she's a junior crewmember, and she's great, I mean, she's definitely great, and I like actually really like her, oh shit, this is bad, this is epically, epically bad" and then right at the bottom of Jim's tiny fucked up psyche is "fuuuuuuuuuck no to emotional commitment (except to this ship, clearly)".

And what comes out is:

Kirk - "Um. Yeah. So. You said we had some paperwork to go over."
Rand - "Yes I did."
Kirk&Rand - *do paperwork*
Rand - IN HER HEAD "Your tiny fucked up psyche is no match for me. And my hair."
Rand - "Sign this, please."

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Nothing I wrote in the past two versions of this comment was useful or entertaining in any way, and I should've refrained from writing either. I apologize.

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Hey! No fair editing when I had just finished mentally composing a reply! But seriously, I do apologize if the meme caused offense. Perhaps because I don't ship anything strongly enough to be bothered by what others say about it, I didn't consider whether the wording of the meme was offensive to others. I honestly don't want any ships to vanish; everyone obviously has the right to write as they like. I took the question to mean "which ship is your least favorite," and I admit that Kirk/Spock is not a ship that I want to climb aboard. But I honestly didn't mean it in a hostile or combative way; I was just killing time with a meme.
*cries laughing*

One, you are too nice to me, because I was totally being wanky and I meant it honestly that my freakout wasn't your responsibility. I care too much (I have to -- I have people in my life who could take all my time, not least the ones who are little and need tending, if I didn't fight them for time and space to write).

Two, I wasn't even upset on behalf of K/S and for various wanky-fangirls-hating-on-Uhura-related-reasons it's hilarious that I managed to make myself look like I was. I may never stop facepalming.

Three, you are way too nice to me and should not let me make you think you were offensive when you really, really weren't at all.

(.something, I should go to sleep.)
I'm glad there are others who aren't into the whole K/S thing. I could never see it myself. Yes, they're great friends- brothers, even. But not romantic partners.

I do hope that if they take up Spock/Chapel in future movies, we get the kick-ass version of Chapel, just like we got the kick-ass version of Uhura. Heck, I could see some crack-universe version of the two of them passing Spock back and forth between them like a puzzled Vulcan baton...