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February Writing Round Up

I posted three stories this month (though I actually did most of the writing between December and February, so that's a little less impressive than it sounds).

The 100
In the Beginning, There Was Fire - Anya, Lexa, Indra, Clarke
The invaders fell from the sky in a metal coffin. They sent no emissary to ask for safe haven, and they fought without honor. And yet they claimed that had not asked for war. Season one from the Grounders' perspective.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Two Hundred Fifteen Miles to Boston - Rosa Diaz, Amy Santiago
Once Amy spent four hours in a car with Rosa. It was awesome, thanks to all her checklists and snacks and thoughtfully researched car games. Once Rosa spent four hours in a car with Amy. Amy had a schedule and stupid games and healthy snacks, and it was the worst four hours of Rosa’s life.

Veronica Mars
Every Belt That Ever Hit Someone (Is Still Made to Hold Something Up) - Logan Echolls/Carrie Bishop, Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars, Dick + Logan bromance
Logan doesn't get any votes for Most Changed at the ten-year reunion, which is bullshit when you think about it. In the past ten years, everything in his life has changed. He's joined the Navy, dated a pop star, and figured out that Dick Casablancas can occasionally behave like a real human being. Only one thing hasn't changed: he's still in love with Veronica Mars. Oh, and he's suspected of murdering his girlfriend.