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The 100 Fic: In the Beginning, There Was Fire

Sigh. So I wrote a kind of elaborate treat for someone at Galentine's Day because I thought her dear author letter was so interesting, but she never commented. It's always annoying when that happens, but it's the worst when the fic you wrote really appeals to that specific recipient, and not really the rest of the fandom. I tried PMing her after reveals to let her know the fic was there, but I guess she's determined not to acknowledge it (at least, I assume that's what happened since she's been online enough to sign up for another exchange).

Title: In the Beginning, There Was Fire
Rating: Teen
Characters: Anya, Indra, Lexa, Clarke
Summary: The invaders fell from the sky in a metal coffin. They sent no emissary to ask for safe haven, and they fought without honor. And yet they claimed that had not asked for war. Season one from the Grounders' perspective.
Word count: 4K
:-( that happened to me once. It was a month before the person acknowledged the gift, and then with a bare minimum of words. It's the most disappointing thing when people don't appreciate the work you put in to make them smile, not even when it's so easy to push the kudo button...