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5 Recs: MCU and The 100

The 100
Inconceivable (8798 words) by jaegermighty - Bellamy/Clarke
Okay, so I'm really sort of embarrassed to like this story, but I have a soft spot for fics that take a really implausible situation and make them fit the characters. This one is about Bellamy and Clarke having sex to complete a grounder ritual, and the author really nails their voices. Of course, their feelings get involved even though they try to act casual about it, and I really enjoyed the way their supposedly meaningless liason comes to mean something more to both of them.

This is a place where I don't feel alone (2966 words) by ferggirl - Raven-centric, with some Raven/Finn
A gorgeous exploration of Raven's whole back story, starting from her messed up childhood and spanning through her relationship with Finn and her experiences on Earth. This was written before the midseason finale, so some of it has been jossed, but the characterization is just so beautiful it's worth reading. I actually like some of this back story better than the canonical arc anyway, especially since the author doesn't make Finn out to be a saint.

what little girls are made of (3457 words) by Anonymous - Natasha Romanov, Sharon Carter
A quiet, lovely little piece about the beginning of a friendship between Natasha and Sharon after SHIELD's fall. Natasha's characterization is great, and I really enjoyed the way the author fleshed out Sharon.

Vigil (1672 words) by LtLJ - Sam, Natasha, Tony, Bruce
Sam waits for Steve to come out of surgery and meets the other Avengers in the process. The characterization was excellent, and I really enjoyed the outsider POV on the Avengers.

Double Deuce (5958 words) by AlphaFlyer - Tony Stark, Peter Quill, Natasha Romanov
A clever, fun, and plausible meeting between Tony Stark and Peter Quill in a bar in the middle of nowhere. I particularly enjoyed the characterization of Tony - he's just the right amount of asshole, and his POV on Quill is quite entertaining.