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Ladies First

ladies1st is a female-centered New Year's fic exchange hosted, I believe, by jain. To sign up, you need to be willing to write at least three het, threesome, or femmeslash pairings involving female reboot characters with speaking parts. Your requests need to be three of the same, but you may make additional requests (or offers to write) women from other series, so long as they are paired with a reboot character of any gender. It sounds sort of complicated, but it's not. Several talented writers have signed up already, so you should check it out! Especially if you want to fill my Pike/Number One request. The sign up post is here.
Ooooh, can you request Pike/Number One? I thought it was only for reboot female characters.

*runs off to check*
You have to request at least three pairings from the film, but after that, you can request others. I know I'm not the only one who made a Number One request, so hopefully some of us will be paired with other Number One writers.