The 100 Season 2

So I just somehow banned myself from my journal. That was interesting. Sometimes wine and LJ don't mix well. It's fixed now. Anyway...

I THINK YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH THE 100. It starts off like a teen drama, gets really suspenseful, and then suddenly becomes like Game of Thrones in space with lots of interesting moral overtones. Also, there are ladies! A female character is completely and totally the center of the show. When all the other characters are facing Grave Mortal Danger, they do not ask when a dude is coming to save them. They are waiting for a lady to save them (and she is totally on her way to do just that). Said lady character has a conflict with another lady character over a dude they both like, but it does not stop them from working together to save people's lives and also generally admire each other. Plus there is a whole society that appears to be ruled by ladies, but not in an OH LOOK WOMEN ARE POWERFUL way. It is very offhand about the whole thing, like why would a lady not rule a warrior society?

One caveat: you should probably not watch The 100 if you like your storytelling to be comfortable and predictable, or you prefer characters who never do unlikable things. The 100 is about a survival situation, and the characters do bad things to survive sometimes. Sometimes they even do Very Bad Things that are not necessary to survive, and they do those Very Bad Things even though they are generally good people. If you watch the first few episodes, you might think that you are watching a predictable teen drama, but you're really not. You should probably watch this if you like Game of Thrones sorts of things, but with less arterial spray and doggy style sex.

This may be an Unpopular Fannish Opinion, but I liked Finn's story arc a lot. It seemed very salient to how war actually affects people, I like that it acknowledged that he was never a saint. He had ideals, yes, but he was also kind of a rebel and it's okay that it came through in a really ugly way. (Okay in the storytelling sense, not that it's okay he killed 18 people for no reason.) I like that he gave himself up in the end too. I think it was the only just solution, and I like that the show didn't pretend that killing all those people could just go away if he felt bad enough. It could so easily have been all man pain and redemption arc, and it wasn't.

Other miscellaneous things:
- Sucking the blood out of the grounders so we can survive...modern-day exploitation of developing countries anyone?

- I like Bellamy much better now that he has less man pain, but I like Octavia most of all.

- Clarke is awesome and broken and I love her.

I think that is all for now.
OMG I love the 100 SO MUCH and I think everyone should watch it. It was absolutely not what I was expecting and I mean that in the best way. It was the episode where those people on the Arc sacrificed themselves and there was no last minute save where it really hit me that this show was hardcore and not afraid to break every rule there is. It makes me cry a lot? And I agree about Finn. It bothered me that he was just excused for killing those people because whatever, war, and while Grounder justice is harsh justice I do think he needed to be held accountable, and I liked that he realized that himself. I love pretty much everyone but Clarke is my forever favorite. <3