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The 100 Sesason 1

I finished season one of The 100 last night, and I wish I weren't so terrible at reaction posts! I really, really liked it though! I am still oddly detached from the characters and wouldn't be terribly upset if any of them died, but the plot really keeps me going (which is a definite inversion of what usually makes a show work for me). A lot of people have compared it to BSG, and I definitely see the similarity. Both shows are about survival, both for individual characters and the whole species. That brings up ethical dilemmas, personality clashes, and the best and worst in different characters. There is a bit too much emphasis on relationships and hooking up for my taste, but it's still in the background, and I think most of it is handled pretty well.

- The one character I'm really invested in is Kane (weird, I know). His arc reminds me a lot of Snape in the first HP book, where you're so convinced that he's the villain and then he turns out to be the hero. I'm not sure whether we were meant to believe he was the hero all along, or if he actually was plotting against the chancellor and then he had a change of heart...but I definitely prefer to think of it as the latter. I love that he was going to throw Abby out of the airlock, that he was so eager to "cull" the population, and that later he had to face the consequences of that, both from his own conscious and the other inhabitants of the station. And he rises to the challenge of being a better person, so much so that Abby seems to have comopletely forgiven him for almost spacing her. It doesn't hurt that I find the actor extremely attractive and that he is from my favorite city in Peru.

- I could honestly do without the relationship drama, but I do think it's handled relatively well. I've liked the moments between Clarke and Finn, especially "you're not alone" and "you broke my heart." Both feel very authentic to me, and I'm glad he didn't get totally off the hook with Raven or Clarke. I could, however, do without the level of male gaze in the shots of female characters. I could sort of excuse it when we were dealing with the teenagers because boys DO look, and I even had this little head canon for why Clarke's boobs are hanging out all the time. I imagined her as one of those girls who was a late bloomer, thinking she was going to be flat forever, and then suddenly BOOBS...but clothing is rationed, so a properly fitting shirt was not available, and eventually she just had to learn how to own them. I draw the line, however, at the ridiculous male gaze shots of Abby when she and Kane get to Earth. I mean, seriously, why are her boobs -- really, just her boobs -- hanging out in the corner of the screen when Kane gets out of the spaceship. There is NO REASON to frame the shot that way.

- I like Octavia's story line overall, how she started out as a cliched out-of-control hot chick and grew into a complex character who has valid reasons for very aggressively pursuing her independence. I think Bellamy's alternating feelings of love and resentment toward her are pretty realistic, and I like the way Octavia reciprocates them. I don't love her whole storyline with Lincoln. I mean, I see its use in the plot, but the way it started was weird. If he's actually just a nice guy who's in love with her, he probably should not have chained her up in the cave. Words could have been VERY HELPFUL in resolving that situation without bloodshed.

- Anya is fucking cool, and so is Daichen Lachman. (Is that a Tibetan surname? Apparently her ancestry is Nepalese. NIFTY.) Her character really makes me want to know more -- what's her history? What are the rules of her society? How did she get to her position? I think it's the mark of a good character when you want to know more.

- I just read someone's post about how much they hate Clarke, basically for having opinions and not being cool with people who helped get her father killed. This makes me sad.

Onward to season two tomorrow night! No spoilers please!
Octavia is my favourite and I'm annoyed that they never really worked on her background because she doesn't make sense for a girl who's been trapped under a floorboard and never had social interaction. She wouldn't be the way she is. But I love her still so ... Bellamy gets loads better! :D

Clarke is awesome and stays awesome.
Yeah, I see what you mean. She's awfully well adjusted for someone who spent most of her life in one room. Maybe she learned some social skills when she was in the detention center after she got caught?
I thought Clarke was in solitary because she knew the big secret about the life support system.

Raven was visiting Finn regularly, so they must have had at least some socialization, but I don't think they really specified what was happening in the detention center itself.
Yeah, I think the Octavia/Lincoln romance is one of those Hollywood storylines that's supposed to be romantic. He loved her from afar! He throws her down on pelts and makes love to her by firelight! But if you actually think about it, it's super creepy... He watched her from afar, chained her up, refused to speak to her, is much older and more experienced than she is... It's not a recipe for an uncomplicated relationship, let alone a healthy one, but the show doesn't really want to examine that in detail.

I heard that it got renewed. I'm so relieved I'm not getting attached to something that's just going to get snatched away!

And yes, I really love the range of female characters and the way the storylines seem to revolve around them more so than the dudes.
I can't think what happened in season 2 as opposed to season 1 so I will refrain from saying much in case I'm spoilery but I'm glad you're liking it! The number of interesting female characters in the forefront is definitely one of my favourite things about the show. I need more flashback-y ark-y backstory from season 3.

Enjoy season 2 :)