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Miscellaneous Fannish Things

1) seren_ccd introduced me to a lovely book review community, l0ve0freading. It feels like a rarity to find a fun new LJ comm these days, and if it's about books, so much the better!

2) I started watching The 100 on Netflix, and I am pleasantly surprised to like it. If you haven't heard of it before, it's about 100 juvenile delinquents who are sent to determine if Earth is habitable 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse. I wrinkled my nose when I saw it was on CW, but I find the story very well put together. I think it was Roger Ebert who said that suspense comes from really believing there's no possible way the characters will make it, and I find this show often convinces me that the situation is hopeless, and then delivers a plausible way for the characters to escape. I'm not super invested in any of the characters yet, but I don't hate them either, and the suspense is enough to keep me going. I'm only on episode 5 of season 1, so no spoilers please!

3) I did some spring cleaning on my flist, removing journals that are abandoned or rarely updated. That's always a bittersweet process. Tumblr will never meet my fannish needs; it can't support commentfic memes, it doesn't have collaborative spaces like LJ comms, and I find it too difficult to tell if anyone has commented on a post I made. I know it works for a lot of people, but I'm old fashioned, I guess. I wish AO3 supported a function like an LJ flist. I'd like to subscribe to some of my favorite authors, but I don't really want an email every single time they post a story - I'd much rather have a list to scroll through at my convenience. Ah well, guess I'll continue to participate in friending memes here as they come along and hopefully keep LJ alive as long as I can...

4) I haven't watched Agent Carter yet, but I'm happy it's gotten so many good reviews so far. I'll probably wait for a long weekend and then binge watch everything that's aired...
Octavia, Lincoln and Bellamy are my favourites!

I never like removing people either.
I'm not sold on Bellamt yet - his leadership takeover at the beginning kind of creeped me out, and I feel like the show really wants me to find him sympathetic and attractive. Getting more of his back story is helping through! If I had to pick a fave now, it's Clarke...but I do tend to default to the strong ladies.
I am so with you on never getting tumblr. I feel like a grandmother trying to do emails on there. I'll scroll around to look for gifs, but I've never found a way to actually interact with anyone there. And I also wish AO3 had an f-list function. Or a way to sort your subscriptions by newest, rather than just alphabetically.
The 100 seems like such a rarity on a network like the CW, which as a whole has had a few noteworthy gems along its lineup, though anything with teenagers you'd expect there to be the typical formula of a CW teen drama (love triangles, ridiculous over-the-top storylines that are repeated over and over again, etc.) but surprisingly The 100 doesn't really follow that, in fact it's been compared to such things like BSG which is a huge compliment. I haven't watched it yet but I've seen much praise and things through Tumblr, and featuring some actors that I love, and that there are some wonderful representation of women.

I'm so happy that so many people love Agent Carter, and I love that we see Peggy just being protective of women, beating men up, and just being overall awesome. ♥

Tumblr will never meet my fannish needs; it can't support commentfic memes, it doesn't have collaborative spaces like LJ comms, and I find it too difficult to tell if anyone has commented on a post I made. I know it works for a lot of people, but I'm old fashioned, I guess.

I totally understand what you mean. I mean, for me, I like going on Tumblr because it does fit certain aspects of my fannish needs, like remember how on LJ there used to be picspams and whatnot, Tumblr is pretty much the personified version of those kinds of posts. But unfortunately what gains in the pretty loses in the communication. I miss talking with people, having threads of a random conversation in a single post without clogging up everyone's feed with the same thing over and over again, or having limited word count through replies/asks. While there are certain loopholes, Tumblr just wasn't mean for that kind of usage. It's prime feature is superficial, that's it, and it's only when fandom invaded that space when people got creative. But unfortunately where once people would talk to each other, now it's become an impersonal space and it's a known fact that nobody talks to anybody, and that's kind of the sad thing really. It's not old-fashioned to want communication, it's just that Tumblr doesn't have that feature and sadly won't embed one anytime soon despite people wanting a better communication system over there.
I agree - there is a very BSG vibe to it. I do wish there weren't quite so many love triangles; it's hard for me to believe that hooking up and falling in love would be at the top of someone's priority list in a survival situation...but then, these are teenagers we're talking about, so maybe it's not that unrealistic! But, overall, I'm pleasantly surprised that the relationships feel more like the background than the main plot of the episodes, so I don't really mind.
Thanks for the rec for that comm, I've just joined! :)

And I totally agree with you on tumblr, I remember the interesting discussions that a piece of say Buffy meta would generate on LJ, whereas it's just not the same these days when people post their Buffy meta on tumblr and the only responses seem to be likes and reblogs. Half of what I enjoyed about meta on LJ was seeing how everyone engaged with it in the comments and added their own thoughts, but that so rarely seems to happen on tumblr

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The 100 is surprisingly good. The second season is pretty strong too. Hope you continue to enjoy!

I agree wholeheartedly about tumblr. I just find it a very sort of awkward and clumsy way of interaction. LJ commenting is a lot neater. If there was something inbetween the two that had reblogging type things but with a better commenting system and actual communities I think I could get on board with that.
Agent Carter made me think of you. Remember in your revie of _Thor_ that you said you'd wished that when Thor fell that Jane had reached up and grasped Mjolnir? That's effectively what happens in Agent Carter, and it makes me SO SO HAPPY.
People are coming at me left, right and center to make me watch The 100, heeh. You liking it is a point in its favor. xD