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6 Multi-Fandom Recs

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
See Me In Hindsight (2662 words) by Anonymous - Amy/Rosa, R
A funny and well-characterized story about how various members of the Nine-Nine try to console Amy after her break-up with Teddy, all of which leads to a very plausible first time between Rosa and Amy. Not quite canon compliant anymore, but still a fun read.

i have seen nearly every city (3333 words) by pprfaith - Natasha Romanov, Buffy Summers
A gorgeous and plausible look charting several years of friendship between Natasha and Buffy. I really like it when crossovers fit together in logical ways, and this one totally does.

momentum (1846 words) by beardsley - Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter
This story looks nothing at all like my head canon for Sharon Carter, and that's part of what made it such an enjoyable read. A really interesting look at the relationship these two women might have had.

Between the Darkness and the Stage (14698 words) by marinarusalka - Tony/Pepper
Girl saves boy is one trope I can't get enough of, and this story delivers it beautifully. Tony is kidnapped, and it falls to Pepper to save him - first, physically and then emotionally. A very plausible scenario that realistically explores both of their feelings without being over-wrought.

Star Trek
Cultural Misunderstandings (865 words) by katmarajade - Gaila/Sulu
Gaila gives Sulu a tarantula for his birthday. What could possibly go wrong? This was written for me, but I'd rec it even if it weren't - I love how Gaila's thoughts feel totally alien here, plus it's hilarious.

Veronica Mars
Taste (3244 words) by Kass - Veronica/Weevil
A hot and plausible look at how Veronica and Weevil could have gotten together.