Signal Boosting: Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day - Inspired by the celebration of the same name on the show Parks & Recreation, Galentine's Day is a celebration of the ladies in our fannish lives, with an exchange of fanfic about the lives and relationships of our favorite lady characters. This is a multifandom exchange for stories, focusing on favorite female characters and their relationships with one another. See all the details and guidelines here.

Sign-ups are open until December 31. Who wants to join me? Pretty much everything my flist is fannish about is eligible - MCU, Agents of SHIELD, various incarnations of Star Trek, HP, Buffy, etc. etc. There are also plenty of small-ish fandoms, like Veronica Mars and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
That looks SO awesome! I'm delighted that this exists-- it makes me happy. I'm actually bummed, because there is just no way I can participate this year. I'll be a little preoccupied with real life! But I look forward to reading all the goodies whenever I get time to read again post-baby.
When I posted this, I was thinking that this was exactly the sort of thing you'd enjoy, and also that it's entirely at the wrong time for you to do. When are you due? I know you've probably said it before, but I'm drawing a complete blank.
It is exactly the kind of fest I'd like to sign up for! Alas. Baby is due Jan 12, but we are already at the point where our midwives are saying s/he could come at any time now! (Or it could be another month ... Gosh, I hope not!)