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5 Recs: 2 Agents of SHIELD, 1 MCU, 2 Veronica Mars

Agents of SHIELD
put it in reverse and hit him again (15440 words) by paperclipbitch - Lance Hunter/Bobbi Morse, various members of the SHIELD ensemble
I didn't know there was a fic that could make me interested in Lance Hunter, but I was wrong. Lance is still a sad sack and a bit of an asshole, but this fic gives him sympathetic reasons for feeling that way without villifying Bobbi. I particularly liked the development of his friendship with Izzy, and the way his grief for her makes it harder for him to move on from the end of his marriage.

we were making it right (3361 words) by sabinelagrande - Coulson/Simmons/May, NC-17
Simmons needs to unwind after her weeks undercover with Hydra, and Coulson and May are more than willing to assist her. That sounds like a run-of-the-mill excuse for PWP, but the author elevates this to a very authentic character study. Part one is pretty vanilla except for some D/S overtones. Part two is quite a bit kinkier than my normal recs here, so read the tags if that's not your usual cup of tea.

can't carve a whistle (3564 words) by irnan - Maria/Steve
Labeled as het, but reads more like gen with Maria/Steve endgame. A lovely character study of what makes Maria tick. I really enjoyed the moral quandaries and ethical debates.

Veronica Mars
A Staccato Symphony of Loss (1834 words) by SickSadWorldLady - Veronica/Logan
Veronica has a miscarriage. This fic is short and spare, sad and prickly, and above all, very very real.

Are You Game (2543 words) by lodessa - Logan/Veronica/Weevil
Logan wants to watch Weevil fuck Veronica. Hot and oddly plausible.
Whee! Recs! I already had a couple of these marked for later, but I think I've more to add now. (That Lance/Bobbi one especially!) Also, random drive by VMars rec, as I know you like recs and I fail at posting rec lists these days:

Blonde and Blue by Invida which is all about Hannah Griffith coming back after being sent away by her dad. I wouldn't have thought I would have liked this so much, but I really enjoyed it! It fits right into canon and Hannah is a wonderful combination of sweetly naive and bitterly jealous. Logan is written very well-- all his awkwardness and smoothness nicely balanced, and Veronica, though featured only in a very small supporting role, is wonderful too. I always like pieces that make me think about a minor character I hadn't given nearly enough thought to.
Thank you very much for the rec! I'm so pleased you're scouring the internet for VMars goodies :)

And yes, you're right, it's always nice to find stories about minor characters. I'd been wondering what Hannah had gotten up to...