December Meme: The next Star Trek movie

endeni asked what the next Star Trek movie would look like if I were at the helm, and I had to think about this a lot. Of course, I would love to see female characters in the forefront, Gaila coming back, and back story for someone other than Kirk and Spock. But what I really, really want is something that looks like my favorite TNG episode, Disaster. That's the one where the Enterprise has some kind of natural disaster that basically knocks out every system on the ship, and all the senior staff have to do things that are way outside their comfort zone. Picard is on a turbolift with children, Worf has to deliver a baby, Crusher is the cargo bay with an explosive thing... But the best part is that Deanna is the ranking officer on the bridge, so she has to figure out everything. I think that episode is where my love of characters being strong and insecure at the same time came from.

Anyway, I'd love a reboot version of this episode chiefly because it would sideline Kirk and Spock (whom I love, but we already know enough about them). In my mind, McCoy would be the ranking officer on the bridge who somehow accidentally ends up in charge of the ship. I chose him for that role over Uhura because I think command of a starship would be way, way outside his comfort level -- though Uhura would certainly be his second-in-command. The way I see it going down, Uhura's taking a few gamma shifts to give her quiet time for reasearch, and McCoy -- who's a terrible sleeper -- has come up to the bridge to chat. Then disaster strikes, whoever was nominally in charge of the bridge was killed, and he's the ranking officer. I think it would be hard for him because he's a very emotional decision maker, and a ship-wide disaster would require some cold-hearted deicsion making, plus some technical knowledge he might not be comfortable with.

I'm not sure what everyone else is doing. Gaila could be working the late shift in engineering and wind up in charge. In my head canon, she left command track because she didn't want that much authority or control, so being the leader would be uncomfortable for her. Sulu and Chekov would know something's up and try to get to the bridge through the jeffries tubes, but an explosion would block their paths. With no escape route and a looming...deadly thing of unspecified origin, they would be forced to confront their increasingly obvious feelings for each other. Spock should definitely have to deliver a baby somewhere. I'm not sure what Kirk and Scotty are doing. Maybe they never even wake up to notice the emergency. And Carol Marcus would be...somewhere. Maybe alone and in mortal danger in some remote part of the ship.

That would sure make a lovely Big Bang if someone wanted to write it for me...
A fab outline and I would like someone write it for you too! And for it to be plot for the next movie.
God, can we put you in charge of helping to write the next script? :D Especially if you can work in a reference to the radishes line, which is one of my favorite Trek lines ever.
I would watch and/or read the shit out of this!!!!!!!1
I like your idea of exploring the crew personalities. That's what ST fans really want; that happy family vibe of "all for one and one for all" (given the inevitable conflicts). We'll have to see where the Hollywood machine takes us. I hope there's a nice fan element that will make it fun; Frakes should bring that, if he comes on board.

Happy holidays!
You're making me want to write for a Trek Big Bang. I haven't even seen Into Darkness...