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December Posting Meme: Alcohol & Awesome Ladies

Oops! I got a little behind since it's been a busy week, so I'll be discussing two subjects today.

rubynye asked me about alcohol.
Since I'm the daughter of an alcoholic, I'm sure it's no surprise that I have a complex relationship with alcohol. For a long time, I didn't drink at all. It was such a revelation the first time I went to a party where people were drunk and nothing bad was happening. I had no idea that some people got happy and nice when they were wasted! Although I had a few drinks here and there, I didn't start drinking regularly until a friend took me wine tasting. It's all about analyzing flavors and then writing down adjectives to describe them, so it was pretty much a perfect hobby for a nerdy English teacher. Then I moved to Tokyo, and drinking was just part of the culture. The armchair anthropologist in me thinks that getting wasted is a necessary release valve in a society that puts such an extreme value on propriety. It was completely normal in my neighborhood to find college students passed out on the sidewalk on weekends, or to see very straight-faced looking business men red faced and swaying on the train. Eventually, I joined the Saturday night drinking club too -- my friends and I (who were all gay men over forty, for some reason) had a standing date for the all-you-can drink special at the gay bar, and we always made sure to get our money's worth. I could give Spock a run for Vulcan-level seriousness, so there was something very liberating to have permission to be an ass. Of course, now that I'm thirty-three and have a real job and don't live in Japan anymore, I drink to get drunk pretty much never. Still, it sure is nice to have a couple drinks after work and let the world get a bit soft and fuzzy around the edges.

gutteredstar asked me about my favorite female character ever.
Princess Leia. When I was a kid, I loved all the "boy" cartoons and movies. There would always be one female character in the background, and I kept waiting for her moment to do something cool. And then she would save the making a really important phone call. Leia was different. Leia faced off with Darth Vader. Leia got tortured and shot and told men what to do. And yeah, she also had to wear that ridiculous bikini, but she looked hot in it and I liked staring at it too. It meant so much to me as a little girl to see a woman doing the things I wanted to do.