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December Meme: On Reading Bad!Fic

topaz119 asked what's your bulletproof fic kink, the one that you find yourself reading, um, somewhat questionable writing for, even as you're head-desking at yourself?

don't have one. I mean, there's a long list of things I love in a fic -- my Yuletide letter contains thirteen scenarios that I always love to read about -- but I'm pretty much a writing snob. The other day, I went looking for stories about ladies who like anal sex. There are really not very many, and I found a Bruce/Tony/Pepper that looked promising. But the author was using bold font and asterisks instead of italics for words they wanted to emphasize, and I just couldn't handle it. I also clicked on a Veronica Mars fic that really should have been awesome, and it wasn't about Logan and Veronica having a baby, but there were all these unnecessary adverbs like "she asked questioningly," and I only made it through a a couple paragraphs before I had to click the back button on my browser. When it comes down to it, being an English teacher basically means I spend my life reading people's shitty writing and trying to make it better, so I don't need bad writing in my personal life too.

I still have some dates available if anyone wants to ask a question.
I sympathize. If badfic is too much like work, it isn't fun. I'm a pro writer (tech writer by day and fic writer by night) so I'm used to reading lots of bad writing from junior writers. I can rise about it in fic (I can skim), but I will NOT take on being a beta reader for someone who doesn't have good writing skills. That becomes "work" and it isn't fun. I do too much of that in my daily life.
SO MUCH THIS. A friend of mine lived to the motto "life is too short to drink bad wine." I have augmented this with " ... and read bad fic."
Yep, this, basically. There are a few bulletproof kinks I'm willing to lower the bar for, but generally, if the first paragraph is below my standard, thanks for trying, but sorry, x'ing out.
ugh no, i would have had to stop reading on both of those as well. I think the worst I've experienced is a harry potter fic years and years ago where the author put author's notes throughout the story.
Hah, fair enough--I tend to go the other way: after spending all day editing technical documents written by engineers and programmers who generally don't speak English as a first language, at least the subject matter on the fic is something I enjoy. I mean, I click out of stuff all the time, but I click less quickly on certain tropes than others. :D