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VMars Fic: An Uneasy Truce

So I wrote another VMars fic! For the 264 of you who are not here for VMars, rest assured that there are now MCU and Agents of SHIELD stories in my docs folder! Some of them are even close to finished!

And for the three of you who are here for VMars...

Title: An Uneasy Truce
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Veronica/Logan, Keith
Summary: Logan's always preferred to spend his holidays deployed, or at least in a country where no one knows his name and American holidays don't count. Spending even a fraction of Thanksgiving alone with Keith Mars is pretty much the most terrifying thing he can imagine -- but for Veronica, he'll do just about anything.
Notes: I started this over Thanksgiving weekend, but I was *way* overoptimistic about my ability to finish it then. It's not quite season anymore, obviously, but I hope you still enjoy!
Word count: 2700