spock: keep calm and carry on

December Meme Day 1

alphaflyer asked what made me start writing fanfic. In short, it was Star Trek 2009. I'd been reading fanfic for years before that, since Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix debuted. I was so envious of the people who wrote it -- they had these cool ideas, a community of people cheering them on, they got to do all these challenges and exchanges...but I had no faith in myself as a creative writer, and no plot ideas of my own.

Anyway, when STXI came out, it was this glorious return to the fandom I'd grown up in (though of course I had no idea what a fandom was when I was five). I immediately amassed all sorts of Mary Sue fantasies in which Spock was my BFF, but I still didn't feel like I was capable of writing anything on my own. Then someone posted a commentfic meme and there was a prompt about Spock, and I realized that I was already making up stories about him in my head. Excising the Mary Sue bits was actually not that difficult, and I managed to write a drabble that people seemed to like. And thus an obsession was born.

Incidentally, here is my very first fanfic ever: Nothing Left to Lose, featuring Spock deciding not to attend the Vulcan Science Academy
Go for you for getting your confidence up! It does take time, but you can really find your writing stride with that sort of thing. ;)
Thank you! :-) You've been around this mulberry bush a couple years longer than I have, but our beginnings are not dissimilar. All it takes is guts, and then there's no looking back!

PS: Lovely little piece, that...
Everyone writes one fic in which they are the mary sue. If You are too embarassed to say it you are not a real fan fiction writer XDDDDD

But yay for building your confidence.
That is an AWESOME first fic :) Spock was one of my first fictional crushes too...
Yeah, I think I had a crush on Spock when I was still too young to even understand what a crush was...
Totally :) When I was young, I wanted to be Spock. When I was a little older, I wanted to hang out with Spock and be his friend. Ever since I got to a certain age, though, I just wanted Spock lol
Aw, thanks bb! I looked at the second fic I wrote too, and I'm definitely not linking to it here! There's a reason I never archived that one at AO3...
Oh, that is nifty to hear. That was a fun first story, I left some kudos on it. I'm really glad that you got some confidence in your writing after all, because of all the wonderful stories you've been sharing with us since. I especially adore your Gaila. ;-)