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Signal Boosting

( multi-fandom friending meme. )

Yay! New friends! There is also another, small friending meme over here. I used to be super shy about doing these things, and I'm really glad I'm over that. I owe, like, half my flist to the active user friending meme that went around last year, and I don't think I would have written nearly so much fic this year if there weren't people around to read it.

Speaking of fic, I should probably start that Yuletide story sometime soon. *sigh* Instead I started another VMars story. I challenged myself to make it happy, or at least funny, but apparently I only feel like writing emotional gut punches.

I also finally watched the first two episodes of Elementary's new season. I like Kitty a lot, and I want to write fic about her. If only *that* were my Yuletide assignment...
I think the recent boost in friending memes is one of the only reasons LJ's hanging in there, and I'm loving them. UNITE ALL THE ACTIVE PEOPLE ;)
Not my fandom but I'll always support people writing emotional gut punches. Rock on! :D
Hello new friend! It's nice to meet~ you!

I hope you feel inspired to do some writing for your yuletide story :)

I like kitty a lot. She brings an interesting dynamic to elementary. Quite intrigued to learn more of her backstory.