avengers: pepper

7 Multi-fandom recs

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
the world's a stage (7240 words) by torigates - Jake/Rosa
A fun yet oddly plausible story about how Jake and Rosa's fake marriage could eventually turn into a real one. Jake's POV is a really nice blend of immature and insightful.

The Exchange (5630 words) by SLynn - Clint, Coulson, Pepper, Tony, Bruce, Maria, Natasha
This is beautiful gen fic about how Clint learns to love reading but refuses to become attached to any particular books, and how that attitude causes pitfalls in his friendships. I am such a sucker for stories about books and reading, and this piece has beautiful conversations between all the characters, especially Clint and Bruce.

Networking (1186 words) by supergreak - Pepper Potts
I can't really improve on the author's summary here: Pepper after the Winter Soldier, getting shit done.

Tipping Point (3862 words) by CloudAtlas - Pepper, Tony
A lovely stream of consciousness sort of story about what it's like to be Tony's personal assistant during the first IM movie.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
A Daughter of the Fifth House (2558 words) by Beatrice_Otter - Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi
A really fascinating look at how Betazoids might view disability, and how impaired Deanna might e on Betazed by her lack of telepathy. All of the characters and their imperfections felt extremely real, and I loved how Deanna reacted to her unique situation.

Veronica Mars
Who have trespassed against us (1599 words) by Querulousgawks - Mac, Lauren Sinclair
A real and poignant story about Mac going to Madison Sinclair's funeral and consoling her little sister. Pre-movie AU.

Mexicali Blues (5814 words) by flyingcarpet - Logan, Dick
Logan spends the summer after season three surfing by himself in Mexico. Beautiful prose, and beautifully crafted POV. Written before the movie, but still fits in pretty decently with canon.