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So, Comic Con...

My city finally rated a Comic Con of its own. I went, and I did not like it. It made me nostalgic for the Star Trek conventions my father used to take me to, how they were just a couple conference rooms in a hotel lobby with security guards who dressed like Klingons and you didn't have to pay for celebrity autographs. When I came back from Japan, I went to another little convention. Leonard Nimoy came, even though it was held in a high school gymnasium. There were a lot of people wearing ill-fitting polyester uniforms, and one green girl in a bikini who looked like Gaila but actually wasn't. People kept saying, "are you Gaila?" and she was all, "who's that? I'm just a girl who likes attention." (So I guess she was Gaila in spirit, even if she didn't know it.)

Anyway, those little conventions were places where I could sit in the back and quietly people watch and buy a few souvenirs on the way out, which is all I really wanted. Comic Con is not that. Comic Con set all my spidey senses tingling because apparently I'm incapable of feeling safe in a crowd of people who are wearing masks and face paint and carrying facsimiles of weapons (which is ridiculous and irrational because I know none of them wanted to hurt me, but apparently I like to be able to see people's faces if I'm going to be in a crowd that big). I especially do not like it when people dressed like the Donnie Darko rabbit or Michael Myers are standing behind me. Also, there were boobs. Lots of boobs. Normally I like boobs, but there's something discomfiting about sliding your gaze from Lucius Malfoy to some stranger's heaving bosom in five seconds.

So...one day I'd like to meet more of my fellow fan girls and talk about reading and writing fic, but I think I can scratch San Diego Comic Con off my bucket list.
I went to NYCC last year. Parts of it were cool, but there were just too damn many people. I don't do well in slow-moving crowds so I have no desire to go back.
"who's that? I'm just a girl who likes attention." (So I guess she was Gaila in spirit, even if she didn't know it.)


The crowds and the attendance prices would be too much for me as well. If I were more into K/S, I think I would've liked that smaller UK-based con but oh well. The internet is a damn fine place, too.