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Yuletide dilemmas

How do you deal with it when you've matched only on currently airing series? This is the case for all of my holiday exchanges, not just Yuletide, and I'm not certain what to do. I'm not really one to leave writing to the last minute, but I also worry about a story getting jossed before my recipient ever gets to read it. Is it bad etiquette to give somebody something that turns out to be AU? I wouldn't be upset about that sort of gift myself, but I put a high priority on being a flexible recipient.
I really struggled with this issue last spring with the Rarewomen exchange. It was my first AoS fic (our only matching fandom) and I kept putting it off, sure canon would change too much before I even finished it. My recipient also really wanted Melinda/Maria, but I didn't feel comfortable with them, as I hadn't seen enough screen time with both of them. Then I heard Maria was guest starring and I waited weeks for her! Finally I was crunched for time and wrote a Melinda gen piece about the episode with Sif, but it drew on later revelations too. It was super stressful for me, but because my fic was encapsulated in one specific episode, it was pretty safe.

So I feel you. But my advice is not to worry too much and not to keep putting it off like I did! If it works with your characters or ideas so far, it's nice to focus on a more or less complete storyline or to play with canon-hinted backstory, which makes getting utterly jossed less likely. And if it does get irrevocably jossed, well, I'm sure it'll still be a great fic and I would think most people would be pretty understanding given the circumstances.
I think people who request fandoms with open canons do so with the understanding that whatever's written for them will probably get jossed. At least, I hope they do.

That said, a lot of shows go on hiatus, so new canon may not be introduced until well after the fest has ended.
Yeah, I agree that most people should know things in current canon might get jossed. Also, if you're truly concerned, you could write something that relies less on what happens in the future (hinted-at backstory, a missing scene from existing canon). But no matter which way you slice it, there's always the chance the new canon material will bite you in the ass. In the end, better to write something you're excited about than something that sure's to be absolutely canon compliant. That's what I'd rather read, anyway.
AUs should always be welcome (as long as you leave Starbucks out of it)... :-)
Well, I think everyone's gotta know that with an ongoing series in an exchange, and that there's always the risk of writing something that's jossed by the time it's posted. And, frankly, anyone who gets pissed about that is an ass and didn't deserve your fic in the first place.