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Answers to the personal canon meme

Comment here if you wish to request personal canon for any other reboot characters.

Amanda/Sarek for anodyna and coasterchild
(Requests combined since my answers for them all overlapped anyway)

1. Sarek was seduced by Amanda's cooking. He loved how precise and meditative she looked while she did it, and that created some common ground between them -- like, he gets his serenity through actual meditation and she wants/needs/gets the same thing, but in a different way. Hm. I kind of want to write that.

2. Sarek did have a falling out with Spock over the Starfleet vs. Vulcan Science Academy issue, but got over it faster than in TOS because he knew how much it hurt Amanda, and he couldn't put her in the middle of that for so long.

3. Amanda miscarried a lot of babies before finally having Spock. The doctors warned her this would happen, but it still hurt.

4. The time(s) Amanda was pregnant were the only times she and Sarek had large conflicts in their marriage. Sarek just wasn't prepared for how illogical pregnancy hormones make a woman.

5. Amanda had a much harder time with these miscarriages than Sarek. Sarek could be logical about it; they knew it was going to be hard to conceive a viable child, and he honestly didn't feel anything for the death of something that was never even a baby. Amanda obviously felt differently, and it made for some really hideous times between them, but somehow they managed to understand each other and it made their marriage more beautiful in the end -- although it might have destroyed them if they hadn't ultimately had Spock.

6. Amanda got fired from a job at an important consulate when she was young. She's never been willing to tell Sarek the whole story, but her dismissal was at least partly her fault. Spock has no idea it even happened.

7. Sarek gets re-married not long after Amanda's death. Vulcan needs more babies, and he doesn't like to be alone. It is only logical.

8. The new wife is Vulcan, and Sarek is always faintly depressed afterward -- though of course he won't admit it, even to himself. The man just can't live by logic alone.

9. Ultimately, the new marriage is futile anyway; the new wife can't conceive, and although they could probably get some technological help on that front, they decide it's more logical to devote their full energies to rebuilding Vulcan in other ways. Sarek's wife knows where her husband's heart really is, and she accepts it.

10. Sarek never puts any pressure on Spock to marry a Vulcan woman, no matter how many babies the planet needs. When Spock marries Uhura, he's totally okay with it.

(bonus!) 11. Sarek and Spock do not have a single emotional exchange after the one in the transporter room after Amanda's death.

Spock for illariy
1. Will one day win a massive poker tournament at a casino so he can give the prize money to some orphanage/refugee camp/something that he was incapable of helping on the actual mission. (Yes, I know that is crack. Shut up.)

2. That time he attacked that kid for calling his mom a whore is secretly one of the best moments of his life.

3. Felt sheer and blinding hatred for Kirk at that cheating trial thing -- not that he would ever admit it.

4. Really loves cats.

5. Was totally miserable freshman year at the academy.

6. Runs a lot and looks really good doing it.

7. Has a thing about defending women. Has gotten into and/or will get into physical altercations to avenge verbal or physical assaults any woman he is close to, and I don't think he recognizes the depth of his reaction as unnatural.

8. Totally made the first move on Uhura.

9. Is not actually a very good first officer. I just don't believe he has very good leadership skills. I think he might eventually abdicate the position to Sulu because he likes science better and it's only logical to give the position to the guy who's best at the job. Jim will feel bad about this and try to persuade him not to, but he'll also ultimately have to admit that Spock is right about his weaknesses.

10. Is totally best friends with Gaila at the Academy. It sounds weird, but Spock really needs people who (a) accept him for who he is (b) make him feel comfortable expressing his human side. He used to have his mom for this, and although he won't admit that he misses her, he seeks out other people who can fill that roll. He definitely doesn't think of Gaila as a mother figure, but she's very easy going and she's totally non-judgmental because she used to have sex for money (even though this wasn't exactly her choice). But here's the real kicker: neither of them really belong anywhere. Gaila's heritage isn't mixed, but her mindset is - she's got a craving for freedom atypical for others in her society, but her sexual mores are very different from human ones. Spock's fitting in issues are completely different, but they implicitly understand each other on the issue of divided natures

Gaila for coasterchild
(who was too polite to ask for two characters but clearly wanted to)

1. Has a very popular sex Q&A column in a well-known San Francisco newspaper.

2. Is naturally immune to 87% of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

3. Vagina can expand and contract to accommodate the variously sized male appendages of an array of different species.

4. Really kicks ass in a fight, preferably while wearing high heeled boots.

5. Gets summer smuggling jobs because she doesn't want to depend on the Federation refugee stipend, and she might as well embrace the (admittedly rather limited) benefits of growing up in a pirate culture.

6. Is really relieved when she finds a bar with a good stockpile of illegal Klingon and Romulan beverages. The human alcohol just really isn't strong enough for her.

7. Has a friends with occasional benefits relationship with Uhura sometime around their junior year at the Academy. Uhura's pretty high strung and she needs a good orgasm now and again. Ultimately, she's just too practical not to embrace the benefits of a roommate who offers a very talented tongue with no strings attached. Gaila is pretty pleased about this, seeing as Uhura has an awfully talented tongue herself.

8. Was in an exclusive relationship with Sulu for six months or a year not long after her arrival at the Academy. She broke up with him because to her, monogamy is ultimately the same thing as slavery. He claimed to understand because it wasn't a good time for a serious, committed relationship for him either, but actually, he was really hurt and things have never been the same between them. Of course he's practical and optimistic enough to move on, but he also knows that she's unique and irreplaceable, and deep down, he's not sure he'll ever find anyone as amazing as her again.

9. Is way fucked up when she gets to the academy (although she of course does very well in her studies)

10. Has sex with Spock during pon farr when Nyota is kidnapped and cannot be rescued in time. She knows what's going on because renegade Vulcans with no bondmates used to show up at the pleasure station desperately needing to be fucked, and she secretly always wanted to "service" one of them. Of course, she waits until the absolute last possible moment, until Spock is literally about to die, because she would never want to harm a relationship between two people she loves/respects/admires, regardless of how odd she finds their insistence on monogamy. And honestly, Gaila's not sure that Uhura will ever forgive her for it, but she does it him anyway because (a) Spock reached out to her at the academy when nobody else did, and she owes him (b) she cannot stand the thought of her very best friend in the whole world losing her husband, and she'll do anything to stop it happening -- even if it means she loses that best friend in the process. So when she does it, it's honestly an act of self-sacrifice, not an excuse to satisfy her sexual curiosity about the one off-limits, unattainable man in her life. (Also, maybe I should cross out what I said in the last post about not having plot bunnies because I should totally write that.)
Eeee! You did both! And now I feel guilty, but that guilt is mostly overshadowed by GLEE.

1. Has a very popular sex Q&A column in a well-known San Francisco newspaper.

I would read the hell out of that every single day. And the Pon Farr fic? Um, yes please.

You're made of wonderful. I had such a hard time choosing for this meme because so much of your fic becomes my personal canon that every possibility seemed fantastic.
No need for guilt! As I'm sure you've noticed, I'll seize any and all excuses to write about Gaila.

I'm kind of thinking about asking my flist to write questions that Gaila could answer in a sex column and then writing it...

I'm glad you enjoyed :)
I'm kind of thinking about asking my flist to write questions that Gaila could answer in a sex column and then writing it...

That would be TOO COOL. I support this idea 100%
Your personal canon is fascinating. (I am aware of the irony of that particular adjective, but it fits.)

I would read that pon farr fic. I would read it hard. It sounds like it would be kind of a mixed bag of "woo, sexy!" and "oh god, angst," but in a good way.

Oooh... still taking requests, hmm?
I would really like to write the pon farr fic - I just need to get a little time. Always good to know that people would like to read it. :)
I like your Spock and kind of agree with the leadership role (though I have never thought of it until now). It makes me sad, though, to think of him stepping down for some odd reason. I think it is the epic friendship we have yet to see in the reboot universe.
I think I await the canon of the second movie, whenever it comes out. I'm sure they'll do something there that will overshadow my shitty impression of Spock as a commanding officer from his brief stint in the captaincy in the first film. I'm curious how their friendship will play out in future installments -- I know that Spock-Prime set it up at the end of the film, but I still see reboot Spock as being a little suspicious and wary.
2. Is naturally immune to 87% of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

3. Vagina can expand and contract to accommodate the variously sized male appendages of an array of different species.

Heh, this is totally part of my own (tentative) canon too. With the additional theory that Orion women are able to reproduce with a variaty of different species, but that Orion genes are dominant (or they have a lot of chromosomes and need only minimal material from the father)(and that they mostly have girls) so the baby will always be and look Orion, no matter the father. (In the extreme version there are actually no male Orions, but we habe seen those on screen, so that would be au.)
Awww, the Sarek/Amanda ones are really sweet, too, though the parts with the miscarriages while they ring very true make me quite sad. Poor Amanda.

I am now getting into the queue of people who would like to read the Spock/Gaila pon farr story, esp. if it includes some of their backstory. :D

Eee, the Spock ones all made me happy. Thanks for doing this! Spock no. 3 &ndash yes, I read that scene the same way in the film.
Spock no. 7 is a v. interesting thesis. I hope one day you'll have a plotbunny for that. XD
Spock no. 6, the running &ndash have you been reading mariole's hilarious story or is that a case of two great minds thinking alike? :D
The Spock not as first officer DEMANDS to be written. It's, erm, fascinating.
Thank you! Your Sarek/Amanda canon is so bittersweet. So May I add, by way of lightening it up, that she loved to read Shakespeare out loud to him, because he always recognized the humor, and he never understood why humans find the language archaic?

(I'm starting to see Vulcans as the Quakers of the Federation. I have no idea what I would do with that but it's my personal metaphoric canon.)

I also love your pon farr fic idea, although sappy me hopes that in the end Gaila wouldn't lose Nyota's friendship over it. I think the Nyota who's willing to have an experimental relationship with Gaila at the Academy would be open-minded enough to see the life-saving necessity and get over it. I'd also just like the read the fic where Gaila does get to do one of those desperate Vulcans without bondmates, back in her old life. It would give her an interesting perspective on Spock, later, wouldn't it? She'd know something about him that he wouldn't want anyone to know. As befits a best friend, right?

About Spock as First Officer, I have to disagree, slightly, only in the sense that I think the implication is there at the end of the film that he's learned some things from Kirk--that they've each begun to acquire some of the strengths of the other. So, I could see him being better at that now than he was during his tenure as Acting Captain.

Edited at 2009-08-29 06:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Spock and Gaila, yeah, I think Nyota would definitely get over it and even thank Gaila for the help. But Gaila has had to work so hard to understand and appreciate that doing your best friend's husband is the very worst thing ever that breaking that taboo would be very difficult for her. I imagine that to her, the whole concept of monogamy still seems kind of irrational, so she would do this not being sure if Uhura would view the situation logically. Spock, honestly, would probably feel the same -- Uhura's really the only person he lets his guard down with, and the idea of sharing with someone else what he's given only to her would be inconceivable until the point where he's literally about to die. In TOS, it seemed like he was willing to risk his life just to avoid telling his best friend what was happening, so I imagine the barrier for having sex with someone else would be even higher. I do think Nyota would understand though; she would definitely rather that Spock have sex with someone else than die.

I think when I see the second film (whenever that comes out) and Spock is more of a bad ass, I'll believe him more as a good leader. And I know intellectually that Pike would never have chosen him for his own first officer if he didn't believe that Spock could be a leader and make good decisions. But those moments in the film where was captain...well, I cringe. The impression is just too strong for me to get over, and I'm also intrigued by exploring a character's weakness, so there it is.
I'm afraid you're going to have to write that pon farr fic! I see what you mean about both Gaila and Spock--those are some big hurdles to get over. Nyota might be the one who has the least difficulty with it, ultimately.

Also ITA about Spock as captain--that was definitely not his strong area. He can't even bring himself to refer to himself as captain while he's captain--he's all "as acting captain of this vessel--" and Kirk is all, "yeah right 'acting captain'." Even Chekov can't say it, the one time he has occasion to take an order from Spock--he says "Aye, Comman--I mean Captain, sorry, Captain." So yeah, not promising! But it'll be interesting to see what they do in the next film. It would be unfortunate if they turn them into paragons, now that the first adventure has "established" them a little. Their weaknesses do make them much more interesting, I agree!