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I'm not sure how I feel about Mac's assertion that Jemma is the only thing that makes Fitz worse. Overall, I think that gives Jemma far more responsibility than she deserves for someone else's mental and physical well-being. I mean, it's not really her fault that she doesn't share Leo's feelings, and at least she was honest and upfront about that. It was his choice to confess, and it was his choice to wait until the last possible minute to do so. Anyway, Fitz clearly wants her there, or he wouldn't have been so burned up about her leaving. On the other hand, I think Mac is right that Jemma wants Fitz to be the same as he was before. Some of that is probably her wanting them to feel as in sync as they did before Fitz's big confession, but it's still not the kind of support that Fitz needs. And the way that Jemma approached Mac was patronizing. "Thank you for being his friend" makes Fitz sound like some kind of charity case that no one would voluntarily tolerate, and I'm glad Mac shut that attitude down ASAP. It is absolutely true that Jemma does not know how to support Fitz as he works around his aphasia.

I'm going to assume that Ward and his brother are both equally manipulative and evil. While I'm not opposed to a Ward redemption arc someday, I'm glad the show isn't going that direction quickly or easily. I'll admit it; even I was starting to feel sympathetic to the helpless version of Ward locked up in the basement and manipulated by Garrett. BUT I'm so glad that Coulson called him on how he betrayed the whole team, murdered people, and tried to kill FitzSimmons. That's not something that can be forgiven in exchange for a few months of vulnerability. Also I dug Jemma stepping in front of Skye and threatening Ward's life. I think that was the most powerful moment in the show because it's such a stark contrast to the person she used to be.

Did anyone else catch that May is divorced? I will be needing to write that back story ASAP.

And if I haven't said it here already, I love Bobbi Morse forever and ever.

Okay, one last thing...Hunter is finally starting to grow on me. He was pretty annoying in the first couple episodes, and I still don't love his continually ranting about his she-devil ex...but I think the show knows that's annoying too, and just when I'm about to pray for his death, some other character steps up to tell him he's obnoxious. I was actually a little sad when I thought he was leaving.
YES to the complicated characters thing. I am fast running out of patience with those in the fandom who have decided where they want a given character to be/go, and then froth at the mouth and threaten to stop watching (wish they would ...) when the writers go in a different direction. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised by the complexities.

Jemma -- I think her time with HYDRA has turned her into a warrior.

May? Wonder whether, now that they ex!married Bobbi to Lance instead of Clint, it will turn out she was married to Clint?
True, but she's still pretty young, and wouldn't going through two husbands that quickly suggest that maybe Lance's kvetching has a kernel of truth? I'd rather give Bobbi the benefit of the doubt on that one -- besides, May and Barton? Man, just think of the possibilities ...
This is definitely your fault...

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Melinda May was married once. Good luck finding out to whom.

Is it just me or do fans have really short memories when it comes to characters doing unforgiveable things?

It's the Draco In Leather Pants phenomenon.
I really like the idea of the Ward brothers being in it together, digging up intel on both sides and using it for their own selfish gain. It's definitely hard for me to imagine that either of them were being totally honest with Coulson and the team.

Aw! Dead ex would be a very sad story, though also an interesting angle on May's character.
Yeah, I don't blame Mac for coming to that conclusion, or for saying something shitty to Jemma after she implied something shitty about Leo. But still, my heart broke for her just because I knew how badly that comment would hurt.

And yeah, I want Ward to stay a villain for at least another season. He's so unrepentant about it, and it's fun to watch.

I'm hoping the show's creators know how obnoxious Hunter is and that it's part of his characterization. I mean, every office does have at least one annoying dude... But yeah, I can definitely see why you might want him gone.