avengers: maria hill

6 Multi-Fandom Recs

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
you left a hollow (where your body cut an alcove) (4053 words) by ivorykeys09 - Jake/Amy
Usually, I think angst and Brooklyn Nine-Nine go together about as well as pickles and ice cream, but this story is an exception to the rule. Amy is wounded in action, and Jake has to confront how much she means to him. A beautiful and very emotional story.

Dinner (1655 words) by Dazzledfirestar - Nick/Maria, NC-17
My favorite rare pair, written just for me. Nick makes dinner for Maria, and then they have sex. The porn is hot, but what I really liked about this story was how well it managed to imply a casual relationship between two people who know and respect each other.

s.h.i.e.l.d. (1660 words) by nimmieamee - Peggy Carter, Maria Hill
Peggy runs into a future version of herself, or so she thinks. A cleverly crafted story that shows what Peggy's mind might look like as she falls into dementia.

Star Trek AOS
Three times Gaila and T'Pring met, and what happened after. (3764 words) by ShiftingSideways - Gaila/T'Pring
Weirdest rare pair ever, but the author totally sells how their relationship might have unfolded. Bonus points for the resonant look at T'Pring before and after the destruction of Vulcan.

Veronica Mars
Affirmative Defenses (5889 words) by MachaSWicket - Logan/Veronica
Logan and Keith want Veronica to have a gun. Veronica feels differently. This is one of the best established relationship stories I've read in any fandom. Watching Veronica and Logan work out their issues is painful and real (but ultimately happy), and it feels true to the relationship they might form.

Caught Up (4902 words) by MachaSWicket - Keith, Logan/Veronica
A Naval ceremony through Keith's eyes. Great Keith POV, and a very plausible look at how his feelings toward Logan might evolve.