vmars: veronica strong

Things I've been watching

I finished my Veronica Mars re-watch, and I'm sad there's no more. Man, I'd forgotten how painful the ending was. The sex tape, Veronica stealing the hard drive from Jake Kane, her dad destroying evidence and losing the election. Ouch. But admire the show for being that brave in showing its heroine's flaws. It's so rare to find media that's willing to make a female character brutal and angry and brittle and broken in unattractive ways. It's a testament to the writer's skill that even when I didn't like Veronica, I loved her because I understood how she got that way.

The show resonates with me so deeply because so few fandoms intersect with my life in so many ways. People think I'm a bitch sometimes for the same reasons they think Veronica is a bitch, and it means more to me than it should to see a woman I identify with so strongly fearlessly doing things that women get criticized for. I also watched it for the first time when I lived in Japan, so it brings back memories of the people and places I knew then. As a teacher at a school with a very high level of socioeconomic disparity, it also means a lot to me how carefully the show considers income inequality.

So anyway...I started a post S3 Veronica-centric story this weekend, and I still have my massive Logan story to finish, but I'm sad there's no more to watch after this.

I've also been watching Gotham. The first episode had some pacing problems, but I love the characters. They are all gritty and flawed and interesting, and the ladies seem awesome so far. Fish Moony, you are evil but I love you forever. And maybe I get a little turned on every time she appears on screen.

My Yuletide sign-up is done, and I feel much better about my offers than I did last year. I'm offering two fandoms that I feel very strongly about (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gotham) and two others I feel competent in (Elementary and Sleepy Hollow). No weird fairy tales or impulsive fandoms like last year. I also started an index of Brooklyn Nine-Nine request letters and even started writing a treat. It feels so good to write in a fandom that contains normal people living mostly normal lives.