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All-purpose Dear Author Letter

Dear Authors of Various Fannish Gift Exchanges,

Hello, and thank you for agreeing to write something for me! My number one request is that you write a story that you will enjoy writing. Chances are, if you had a good time writing it, I will have a good time reading it. Below are a list of some general preferences and dislikes, and at the bottom of the letter you can find fandom-specific information for particular exchanges. If you're writing about a show that's currently airing, please don't worry if you write something and then it gets jossed. I'm happy to consider it an AU.

General likes
(1) Ladies in the spotlight. Female protagonists always make me happy, and I particularly like stories in which a female character rescues a man/saves the day/saves the world, and stories where a female character is physically or emotionally protective of a man.
(2) Characters feeling scared or insecure on the inside but being total BAMFs anyway
(3) Bittersweet endings
(4) Snark and banter
(5) Characters who do not fully understand their emotions and/or do not express them easily. Related to this, I love stories where characters have to work out problems in friendships or romantic relationships.
(6) Characters who are flawed but still sympathetic. (Could be one of the "good guys," could be a villain whose motivations we can understand.)
(7) Back stories
(8) Character studies (and characterization that is consistent with canon)
(9) Small slices of every day life. I'm always fascinated by characters' daily routines, or the terrible, awful, no-good morning when everything goes wrong.
(10) Unique and interesting settings and stories where characters get to travel the world.
(11) Stories where food is important, especially when characters cook for each other to show love.
(12) Tattoos - which characters have them? What do they mean and when and why did they get them?
(13) Anything about books and reading - character's favorite books, what they read as a child, characters having a book club together, anything else you can think of.

1. Wacky AU's where everyone is in a rock band, works in a coffee shop, etc. I'm totally fine with canon-divergent AU's that explore what would have happened if a certain canonical situation had turned out differently.
2. PWP. I have a few exceptions for this (noted in the relevant sign-ups), but I generally prefer that sex scenes advance plot or characterization somehow. A little fun with handcuffs is as kinky as I get.
3. Rape, non-con, dubcon, or any variant thereof. I like my consent clear and enthusiastic, please. (However, if rape occurred in canon, I have no problem with stories that address the aftermath.)
4. Stories involving pregnancy or babies (I have infertility issues, so this is a big no-go for me). Older kids, or canonical situations involving parenthood are just fine.
5. Student/teacher relationships. I'm a high school teacher, so this is a major squick.
6. Unhappy relationships, infidelity, or breaking up a canonical het pairing to make room for a slash relationship. I love stories where couples have to work through problems, issues, or even temporary periods of serious dysfunction in their relationships -- but I don't want it to cross the line into actually having a bad relationship.

As for other kinds of disturbing content, please keep it in line with the overall mood of the source material. If the canon contains graphic violence or other potentially upsetting material, I'm okay with receiving it...but please don't inject a lot of dark material into a series that doesn't have any.