Recs: 1 Buffy, 2 MCU, 2 Veronica Mars

Wish You Were Here (Instead of Me) (4441 words) by ChristinaK - Various minor characters, Buffy
Now an NPR correspondent, a Sunnydale grad attends his high school reunion at the edge of the crater where Sunnydale used to be. Written in the form of a "This American Life" episode, this is a creative and interesting take on what high school was like for the non-Scoobies of Sunnydale.

What You Really, Really Want (4007 words) by Penknife - Bruce/Tony/Pepper
Bruce, Tony, and Pepper attend a charity event together. The evening doesn't end quite as planned, and Pepper gets to meet the Hulk for the first time. A nice look at a relationship I really, really like.

They Don't Know Where We Come From (4699 words) by ladyflowdi - Tony, Rhodey
These missing scenes from Iron Man explore a two neglected but important parts of Tony's survival: the medical drama that would have ensued after his rescue, and his friendship with Rhodey. This is a vivid, vulnerable, and in-character portrait of Tony, and a really touching look at one of the few people close to him. I didn't find the medical stuff too graphic, but it could be squicky for some readers.

Veronica Mars
Wingspan (23339 words) by fluffernutter8 - Logan/Veronica with a side of Mac and Keith.
Starting immediately after the movie, this fic focuses on Logan and Veronica's correspondence during his deployment, and Veronica's first big mystery back in Neptune. I really enjoyed watching Logan and Veronica form a mature, communicative relationship together.

We Do Not Flinch (3088 words) by fluffernutter8 - Veronica/Logan, Mac
Ten years after Veronica returns to Neptune, she dies. Mac narrates the funeral and grieving process, with some really nice flashbacks to Veronica and Logan's developing relationship. Gorgeous ending. Bring your tissues!
Oh my oh my, you just recced two of my favorite things: Bruce/Pepper/Tony and Tony&Rhodey. *runs over*