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Meme time!

Comment with the name of any reboot character and I will tell you 10 facts from my personal canon for them.

My reel_startrek fic proceeds apace now that I have finally started it. It doesn't have the emotional resonance that I strive for in a piece, but hopefully this will improve with further writing/editing. I really miss posting fic, but I have no bunnies. I guess this meme will have to satisfy the craving. I am in awe of all you people who work year-round eight-hour days, even though the total amount of time I spend at work is probably equal to yours once you factor in all the extra curricular activities and administration-mandated stuff like parent-teacher night.
It would be in poor taste to ask for everyone, right?

Okay, I'm going to bet that someone else will pick Gaila, so I'll try for someone a little less likely: Amanda Grayson. I feel the bits of her we get in the Reboot and TOS could paint a very interesting picture, and I'd love to hear your take.

kdshfsjd I wanted to pick Gaila SO BAD. Okay, okay, this is me standing by my decision. *stamps foot* (of course, if you don't want to do Amanda, I'll totally take Gaila without complaint, just sayin')
I would love to hear your personal canon for Sarek, please!
Can Christine Chapel be considered reboot? Please say yes because I just read a kickass Pike/Chapel fic and want to see some new background.